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And what i will do is i will i will. I will profile an area and say very. It's very dark here. And this is kind of a dead end and somebody could very easily commit a crime here. And so what i'll do is i will stay out that area and i will wait until a crime. Occurs is about to occur. My my my plan is crime about to occur. I will ya hay and of course. We'll just wait the person from the of course. Yeah see something so serie so much that he's going to find himself becoming a part of an investigation because he's present all of your if you're a witness address when you're doing that burns your well i wear. I wear a coveralls. And i have a one of those minor helmets with a flashlight. Okay so my thing is is that i also have stitch on the front of the coveralls like a stop sign stop. And so this is like cross-stitching beautiful cross stitch job. yes okazaki. My machine could do stop sign on your machine. It's like a dazzling kind of craft machine so you can put any kind of fabrics you know the bowflex. It's lot of different things in one. This is what it is like a uses heat and also put your laundry on this sure you do with the bowflex and put it under. The bed never looked at it and we never speak of it so the idea is going to commit a crime and this is where i want to put your fears. Russia would not be an accessory to a crime. I would not be a suspect. Because i'm preventing the crime from happening i turn on my miner's lamp. I point my chest. And i say hey and that's it nothing else that's it now. How have you ever seen a crime about to occur. No okay so that is so but at some point. You're going to wait it out long enough that i mean. I'm sure a crime has been committed on every square inch of this earth. It's a chilling terry. At some point. I mean what is your line for. What is your line for when this is definitely a crime. That's happening because i can just imagine like sometimes you know my fiancee now. It's crazy to say so we. She has all these knives that she got from her family and they're like family gift. We never use them. But i might try to each member of the family give. Is it like the murder on the orient express hang out. Yeah exactly so. I will say we don't need all these. I'm going to sell one of these nights. Maybe on an app or something like that. Anyone need a knife. Fiance to know. So i might go to the dead end that we live on Meet someone there and then get out of the car and take a knife out. They wanna see the knife and maybe like. I'm not sure. If i want to buy it on the salesman. I come at them a little quickly with a little bit. You know elbow grease trying to get them to look good knife-edge closer you're making quick decisions exactly might appear like a crime but t to someone to a labor's such now all i'm doing is saying. Hey turning on my headlamp and chess so if there is no crime happening what happens if these people explain but what hell run away. Criminal cowardly superstitious late. I don't like oh sorry. My my point is if they just hear. Hey and they don't have anything going on. They'll just continue with their business. At what point do you intervene. Where do you if if the hey doesn't stop them. You don't stop if the hey doesn't stop crime. Then a crime has been committed and then go straight to the point now a witness to the crime in max's point though he's not committing a crime. You say hey he follows through. You never intervene you just you. Just witness he follows through with a knife sale. Yeah i just wonder where the nice sale has to happen in. Don't you put a picture of the knife up on. I do. But i like unless you put it next to a quarter. You don't know the night so these lives have been given to your fiance by her family. But your taking the liberty of celine. doing what. I what. I should be doing that i agree. I'm so sorry for you. Seem like such a nice man and my twins should could learn so much from you. They're much younger than you. But boy oh boy. They're on their way to becoming young men. And i'm just worried for them and you seem so put together. I'm surprised by this nice turn. I mean we just feel like my entire kitchen. I open every drawer. It's is all it is is not to be honest if you said to me in that dark dead end is i'm doing what i think is a at least morally correct tonight sale if correct if you say hey you know i might not think i might just be like. I bet this guy was hired by my wife's family to get back her knife. And i'm gonna take the gun. I have in my waistband. And i might shoot. You're going to give you the flash got muzzle inva- forget it in case you to a knife fight which is correct. Yeah that's greedy. You're not supposed to have both one guy has that. I forgot glen this anything while. I'm out there alone in a dark alley. I don't know. I do take issue with by. I do take issue with the be morally. Correct you're selling your wife's family. I say excuse me you don't only is nine this podcast. She might lie down it. We haven't arrangement and that's why we've lasted ten years that she never listens to her. Support my work. So it's sort of a clean line now. Joan in addition to being. I'll talk john. In addition to being a terrific thespian and the top realtor indignity falls also. She's she's done a bunch of advertising for various products and dignity falls. And she's very. You didn't need to do this. I need to do it and she. Didn't you sing some songs so when when somebody jingle bird probably asked me to say hey what are you gonna ask me to think. Today is your choice you know. There's there's so many things if let's say if they were to be a knife sale that's where to hold a dark alley then jingle go. Give me this scenario again. It's dark elliot. All right okay. Nice sale in a dark alley and this is a jingle it so much advertising this on television they really want to sell these knives in this dark alley at certain stations. My fiance doesn't watch and might put it out on us it. Hey you need to stop. Hey you yeah you yes you track knife strew or you just give me the man we will be going. We'll get it done.

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