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When strapping center I'm Jeff Jensen with the fan highway patrols some traveling queens west found L. I. even an accident by queen's Boulevard Blackie lane west bank Grand Central is a crash right before you get on to the RFK bridge up to Connecticut Merritt parkway north exit forty two the crash Elaine and there's one on seventy eight New Jersey that is going to be out by exit twenty six west bound with one lane blocked with that accident forty five at the George thirty out at the Lincoln and Holland this support sponsored by account temps don't want summer vacation slow down your report accounting and finance projects whether you need help for a day week or month account temps provide highly skilled temporary professionals with the skills you need right when you need the most account temps are Robert half company I'm Jeff Jensen with a fan highway patrol nine from State Farm we have shown in Russia I team manager attempting the forty seventh of her home today's good deed she will attempt to the school to little old lady across the road those into looked set air close State Farm employees challenging themselves to get on the board one hundred acts of god see this story is a neighborhood dot com if your vehicle is in stopping like it used to visit all Riley auto parts for a set of break best select brake pads and to break best select rotors and you'll receive a twenty five dollar Riley gift card by mail enjoy quiet.

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