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No long is a I think I think he's a good guy. Yeah but I don't know how he can manage Elite upper tier town because he didn't get it done with. You know, Trey John Collins. You know, he's a company who I thought was a very good player. He's now a really good player and part of it is because a lot of the Hawks players are getting healthy like like like Hunter, but end of the day, you can't bring a guy in with that type of baggage to be your head coach. You can bring him in as your leader system. In fact, you it will be looked upon as a positive if that's related system because he has head coaching experience wage. And he knows how to work with players. He understands what it means to just try to build. I gotta run confidence, so right? Absolutely. It makes it makes a lot of sense. I'll see you, Jeff. All right. Thanks kate.and jobs. I mean, I'm with you on this, right? I feel like the reputation and it certainly means something. I mean it's it's interesting how a couple of weeks ago or I think it's like to go. We have that Kendrick Perkins joining us. He was already staying in before like hey the word Warrior Run the run around the street is that you know, this team isn't crazy about Brad Stevens. You know, that the talk around the league. And I think that reputation like that, especially when you look at what trade young did the way they finish the season, the the hot streak, the Atlanta Hawks went on like that. All sort of has bad in the sense of other players. Am I looking in thinking? Well shit, maybe maybe trade was right. You know, maybe lower piece, Pierce wasn't the right guy. Look how great they look. Now, now that he's out of the picture and yeah, it's just it's just too soon. It really just happened, you know, it might be dead. Too soon for to bring for the other to bring someone like that in. Yeah. And the other thing too about just, you know, Brad situation is that, you know, and I talked to a couple of people earlier today and off the way that Brad wound up in the position. He's and now there's some folks out there who are just looking signed on at the Celtics. Because and this was in the talk about, well, the point that was brought to Thursday and I didn't really think about it until this, this system G and brought it up to me and call earlier today, he said, that think about where Doc Rivers was in his last year with the dark one. He didn't want to do another reboot, he wanted more voice and player Personnel. So, what did they do? They trade it in for a first-round. Pick to the Quivers. Now, even though, obviously, we're talking my Best Coast radio, but but took a lot of circumstances that are very similar to where doc was then and were Brad is now and Brad, gets promoted. Gets traded, that's that's why who they hire em. Our next head coach, there is going to be a major Spotlight on that and it can't be someone in the same wheelhouse is Brad Stevens cuz that has not. That is not going to go over well with a lot of people..

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