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Be honest. With you. This is a potential earworm song. I'm not gonna lie. Well, happy birthday to march. By the way, birthday boy. About the same age. Thank you, Johnny. George Carl, wishing you a happy birthday? You know that this what's significant about this day is this is the start of our 7th year. That is correct. So we started on your birthday. Damn my birthday. 2000 16. Yep. Yep, right after the right after the AFC championship game. In which you literally the day before had predicted the Broncos to lose to the Patriots. And you started our first show ever. Apologizing to Broncos country and crafting an apology. I'm wondering, and we devising a way to get back into their good graces, which you have done. Yes. Many times we had to devise I started writing Nepal. It said dear Broncos country. I remember like it was yesterday. That was the whole thing started. It took me a while, but I'm sorry. Finally, finally got I'm sorry apology out there. Well, happy birthday. Buddy. All right. So somebody adjusted this, this mic is riding high. It's the sandy clough, Mike. Yeah. This thing is chickaboo. This thing is well medicated. It's got a mind of its own. Hey, morningwood. Wild day yesterday. A lot happening. Where to start, where to start, where to start. Okay, avalanche one last night. Three to two, 6 in a row. 6 in a row. You got a video challenge. That's right. Darcy Kemper and Nicholas obey kubel were both back with the caps. And so they did a dual, you know what's better than a video tribute? A dual video tribute. And then Darcy Kemper didn't see a couple of pucks, which was. Which was appropriate. And Rikers like, I don't think you saw that. Hey, what's new? Oh, so the avalanche get the win. They keep rolling. The nuggets blow a fourth quarter lead, but no worries. Nikola Jokić on a nice dish from Jamal Murray puts up a little floater in the lane, puts the nuggets back up by 16 seconds left. They hold on defensively and they beat the pelicans 99 98. As we already look ahead to the playoffs, I can't wait for the blast and these big time games that I expect the nuggets to be playing in the playoffs. Where do you come down on the whole, it's the last shot, the game's on the line, are you somebody who believes, in this case, Nikola Jokić has to take the shot, no matter what. You've got Jordan always took the shot. Well, not always. I shouldn't say they're not always Steve Kerr and paxson. John Paxton took one. But Kobe would always try to take the game winner. LeBron caught criticism because a lot of times he'd give up. The shot to somebody else, where do you come down on it? I mean, if you're getting if you're like a side out and you're getting denied the ball and somebody, occasionally, you got a bunch of other guys make a max contract. You'd like you'd like your superstar to take the shot if you can. Because you get good position and ultimately you knock down a lot of shots, but that dude can't always take the last shot. I don't know. I think he can. Because of his ability to post up, go outside, handle, and the way that he and Jamal Murray work off each other. I just don't think that there's any reason why you will not be able to get him into a position to take the last second shot. Or the game winning shot game tie in shot. I don't want anybody else but him taking it. Yeah, well, he would be he would be obviously he'd be the preference. I mean, that's the guy you want taking the shot, but you probably can't always. I don't know. I just think it'll be really difficult for teams to just say, all right, listen, we're going to just send two guys at jokic and just make somebody else beat him because he's so good passing and seeing the court that you run the risk of the nuggets just diving a guy to the hoop and he's wide open for that. He's not taking the last shot. Wow. And if you're telling me you can get a wide open contested layout. Okay, so I'm telling you. Well, no, because I'm telling you, I don't think teams are going to do that. So I think they're going to be leaving one on one. I think they understand that he's going to be tough to double. Yeah, well, that's what makes him that's what makes him the MVP. He is going to win the MVP. Sorry, by the way. He's going to win the end. By the way, both when I left Fox on Friday. Both Nick Wright and Broussard, both of them said, begrudgingly, did he win another piece when I started MVP? Yes. No, that's a big twist there because you said earlier in the week they said that acknowledge he should win it, but they said the voters won't vote for him because they'd pull not a Stockton. What's the other dude? Steve Nash, the police now. Yeah. Two in a row and didn't win a championship. They said, well, we're not going to vote for him. Right. But they're just like, dude, at the end of the day, they're like, this is supposed to be it's a regular season award, but they've never gone three in a row without a guy without a championship, and they're just like, they both admitted. It's going to change this year. They're going to vote him in for three in a row. Yep. I don't think it's going to be close. I don't even think it's going to be close. What do you do yesterday? What do you do last time? The triple double home. Seriously. It is whole hum. He was, he was, I think, a half a half of an assist away from averaging a triple double going into the going in. I don't know if it was going in the last night or a couple of games. The games ago. But he missed a couple games. True. Let me check that to see where he's at. Is he averaging a triple double thank you, Johnny? Nice, Johnny. Sausage fingers activate? Form of, he's still at 9.99 .999. Just get it to ten. There's no way you can't give him the MVP if he averages a triple double for the season. There's no way. No, plus they finished with the best record in the west or best record in the NBA. No, no wait, no way you can. Todd helton. He taught Elton had a sleepless night last night, knowing that you were 11 votes. 11 vote shot. The good news is the way that Troy rank on his 7 45 and he'll help walk us through the just maze that is baseball Hall of Fame voting. But I don't think a player has ever gotten to this level of percentage of votes. This close to the 75% needed and not got in. Right. So what is that? Like 71% of 73.2 or something like that. You need to get 70 Scott Roland was the only one to get in. But the expectation is he will get in next year, but I get it. That leads to the whole wait a minute. You're telling me he's not a Hall of Famer this year, but he's a Hall of Famer next year. Right. Well, what's changed? Either Hall of Fame or he's not. Doesn't work that way. It's just goofy that way. As Billy as Billy Wagner in, no, but he got what? I think he got 68? Billy Wagner has like 400 saves. Lizzie whitener was. Reluctant to put. No, I'm not gonna do that. Johnny. No.

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