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Oh, okay. We East and on guard for thee. Okay, honey, we stand on guard Lord now to present our nation's colors, please Welcome from Tampa Zone, MacDill Air Force Base. The sixth air mobility wing under guard and we're honored to be joined by a 20 year. Marine Corps veteran Well deployed to Afghanistan in 2000 and eight he was severely injured. He endured a nine month coma and as since disproved doubts about ever standing or walking again. Please welcome and salute a true American hero, Retired Lieutenant Colonel High, Edwards three. Once again, let's sing loud and proud with Sonya Bryson Kirksey. As she performs our national anthem. Oh, say, can you see by the dawn's early realize what's so I believe we Hey, you! Oh, that's why I lights last me naming whose broad stripes and bright stores through the bed. We're all as finite all over. You know, Once we once or so, girl Islands, least three aiming. Oh, the rock. It's rob Bomb spurs thing and gave proof through the No. Right that our flat was still there. Oh, Who say does that star Spain? Gold belt New hardware? Oh, Oh, have no Oh, no. Oh, no! Oh, Right Game two tonight, Lightning and Canadians and we have his full houses We can have fill the areas by the benches sectioned off some auxiliary media area sectioned off every other seat. Is available to be filled tonight for Game two in tonight's game is presented by Florida Blue, your local Blue Cross Blue Shield and the exclusive health insurance provider of the Lightning. I think they're about 400 seats short and that's all those areas that they got marked off, like behind the penalty box. Yeah, the benches Well, Canadians are starting Phillip Danault, not with his usual linemates. He's taking cock in the M E spot with Byron and Josh Anderson. We'll see if that's just the starting lineup thing or if it continues. Yanni Gordon. I know at center ice, Gord wins the faceoff circuit of wines for Savard of the right wing. We'll work it in. Price stops it behind that lost to Yanni. Gord Left corner Center be picked up by Denno writes at L. A Josh Anderson at center knocked away by Savard. Here's good row, peeling back the other way across the Montreal line. Barkley good row right circle, a centering feed off the side of the net. Then grab by Joel Edmundson. Emerton controls it and winds for Anderson at center. Anderson gets checked by Sergei Tkachev. The puck is played by Coleman and Lightning out slips for good on the left wing classes feed blocked by Byron. He'll bump into his own zone for Petraeus, both sides get a change. Opening minute, No score. Jeff Petry in front of the Montreal next look at things over, passed out to center ice for Dino into the lightning and love circle Golden Oh, tied up by churn. AC loses to Tyler Johnson along the far boards. Health. Pizzarelli to center Right Wing turn act with room across the Montreal line. Right Circle shoots saved by price and off the saying goes out of play. Good shot opening minute, no score, but it was a low shot. Have you had the other guy coming? I think it was stamped us on his left. So he shot at low, maybe the rebound the price. Is such a smart goaltender. He turns his gold stick, so the angles it goes up into the mess face off will be to the left the place. Yeah, I know, stays out for the fees off now, with his usual linemates liking and Gallagher Gord is thrown out of the draw came in the circle weight, So it's a good row and Denno to the left of the carry price. One by Montreal, Ventura behind his own net for Shea Weber. Pass blocked by gored mystical Good row. Rams it back for John Rueda, waiting for the right circle route to shoot that hit Weber and went wide of the Net. Lever gets it for liking and right when Brendan Gallagher spins it down the ice Coleman and liking and jostle And the puck is going to be picked up A Gallagher coming in late. Gallagher is check Gorda seal for Blake Coleman currents for Hedman by aligning that left side Al and Yani Gord lead to far for Blake Coleman, taking it back. John Merrill of Montreal winds to the Lightning end Rueda, there would have lost it to Eric Staal left when Corey Perry bumps it in Early in a scoreless first, the puck is going to be stolen by Perry into the slide. He got tied up by Gore that was sloppy passed by Hedman. Moment rattles for Rueda in the lightning near corner, thus, Celeski. Really? Yeah. He kind of handcuffed 10 minutes. Lightning get a change. Ruda continues to hold on to the park by the lighting that no score in the first John Rueda. Sweeps for Ryan McDonagh up the middle Ross Colton reflects it in on price knocks it away. Pizza for Edmondson around the near side, John Merrill. Upside outlet. Nick Suzuki. Mike Romero went caufield off his stick. McDonough Steel rattled back to Montreal lies Here's Meryl. Referee. Nick Suzuki whining it for Tyler. Toffoli Canadians with possession here. Edmondson off the right side, Suzuki 211 across the blood Red Circle cuts in front. Say Vasilevskiy at to Foley lost in return act. That's what the Canadians do. All of a sudden they get a break. Here's pull it the other way down the right wing possible and right circle point of shot in the swatches wide, right?.

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