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I can't no human can do what I'm ready. Does possible all right now correct. We're GONNA go forward we go to we got. We Got Oh Cincinnati Bang Bang all right look. Let's do a little round table Joe. You have any belief that Andy Dalton with his new coach can kind of catch fire. I actually thought that it would be significantly better than this. Does any of you three feel like there's some hope here eh me why early one-dimensional comeback when you're you're just throwing team that's all they can do right now so the football so their offensive line's kind of Amodu different guys they can't run the football last in the NFL and run so I think it's tough for North tour guide when you can only do one thing but I guess my question is who is Andy Dolan is. He's the guy that's GonNa bring this team to the next level. He's been there for a number of years now and it feels like the same story Areso suffered from injuries last been and they did do better remember. He got hurt his when Hugh Jackson was offensive coordinator at the time and then he got hurt on the cost it just had more of a fundamental question Joe is do you think that any golden because all this stuff's happening and the really good players Ru- they rise up they bring people they make people better you know they don't just it's not always just the mitigation around them at all. Oh this is the problem. There's all kinds of problems. Everybody has it but the great players there's rise up and I just keep with Andy. What are you going to lead this football team away from its historical and and we do that Taylor has the intellect offense I do believe the two but I lost it? It's hard to create that trust and that credibility ability in that relationship when you're already starting with so much adversity who's picking your finance. They get the ball out with the lost angeles. Rams Jared Goff Awesome Guy Rallying. I worry because you can see when the rams that game last week the Rams Rams are really good football team. You just get that sense that they're gonNA cruise through the season. Get to the end and have to make big play or do something more than three points and maybe they can win a super bowl again but there's some level volt jared goff is he a guy like we just talked about that can raw rise up those key moments and for people on his back and I will get it done. He has done that Jeff already proven to be that he can do it but as he the guy that's sustainable like drew brees. Tom Brady that over the years. You see Santa Claus sack on his back like can he be that guy and that's the question I have about jared because he seems like a guy that likes to just go along with this success and he can play along. That's there's an art to that to. In that moment we put a stake in the ground or whatever metaphor you want to use them. I got this and I do want to see more of that from from. La and now wait a whole half have to get going like they did last week against you know whoever they placed upon. Did you watch the Brady Bunch Steve. Did you watch it. Oh my kids in the car in the van. It's why it's unreal. I watched a brunch since I was five to now. When I'm Fifty Five It's the fiftieth anniversary the Brady but Marcia Marcia Marcia it does all these folks? We'll talk about the Brady bunch snacks.

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