LEE, Partner, Manafort discussed on Idaho's First Morning News


Now it's time to go beyond the headlines for a more in depth look at the stories that i'll bet you here's today's katie l y closer look good morning it's thursday it's the twenty ninth the bartsch i'm rick worthington on six seventy k b o wide well the president might have to give a sworn statement if stormy daniels attorney has his way and the white house is fending off implications that one of the president's attorneys dangled parted in front of two former campaign aides is they were being investigated in the russia matter bob constantini putting it all together for us this morning with dogged determination in the wake of the sixty minutes interview stormy daniels attorney michael is keeping the story alive now he's asking a federal court to order that president trump deposed over whether he knew his personal attorney michael cohen was paying daniels to keep quiet about the alleged sexual encounter that at all times mr trump knew about this new about two hundred and thirty thousand dollars was fully aware of it cohen claims he did the deal on his own daniels is seeking to get out of it since donald trump aka david denison did not sign the agreement cohen argues every mention of enough air is one million dollars owed by daniels on another legal front facing the white house a report in the new york times claims just resigned trump personal lawyer john dowd discussed the idea of pardons was attorney for paul manafort and mike flynn when both were in the crosshairs of special counsel robert muller that could be viewed as an effort to make them less cooperative dow denies the discussion and at the white house press secretary sarah sanders downplaying the story refer you back to the statement from cop win which he said i've only been asked about pardons by the press and every teen lee responded on the record that no pardons are under discussion or under consideration tyco is one of the lead attorneys for the president's team another attorney jay seculow also denies any talk of pardons also the special counsels prosecution documents have revealed that former manafort partner rick gates is known to have had contacts with one time russian intelligence official during the final months of the two thousand sixteen campaign gates is cooperating with muller and.

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