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Welcome to a new episode of Digital Coffee and I'm your host spread Deisler and they were just going to be going over for some gaming news updates. We got actually got really big overwatch update coming in pretty recently with Roll Roll Cue which I'm not really in favoring even though I understand y they want real cute actually being I'm not really in favor of it but also talk about it plus with major changes especially brigades changes as well plus other gaming related news and GonNa be trying out some brew coffee that had just had add an all be sharing my thoughts on it and kind of the main thing why not really excited for games too much anymore played games since I was young and I'm just not that excited. There's a few games for but majority of town. I'm like well. I'll see if it's actually any good that's my wait and see type of a thing. Pause with gaming deals are going on as well and can be the show so as always if you can please subscribe describe to apple podcast Google podcasts spotify IHEART radio tune in stitcher among all those have you can subscribe Leah comment the Me Review Tummy of undoing terribly or great or whatever you think it'd be help quite a bit with his podcast as well and also volume social media with Instagram facebook and twitter digital copy with one E._M.. Also on twitch on Youtube as well trying to make getting views as quickly as possible so check out all those as well but anyways. Let's get on with it so recently as of yesterday sts today's Friday. Was it actually announced. They're going to be doing role to to to now. If you don't know is that AH overwatch is a game with different heroes. They're different types of classes once a tank once a support in one's usually a damage dealer used to be a little bit more different in this regard but they actually got rid of allow the other heroes that were very situational and so over watches change over the two or three years. It's been out and forever worse as what we have so the biggest part is now that in the p. t. r. which is basically just a play test for them to see if it actually works out and make changes as possible right now but to to to is going to be eventually coming out to competitive and quick play and you have to pick if you WANNA be damaged dealer under a tank or healer you can pick a think. I haven't tried it out yet but at least two of them maybe all three of them. If you really want to which kind of defeats the purpose but you can pick which I not really in favor of because the whole point of overwatch is to choose between different classes choose between different heroes and even though the community kyw's one tricking going to understand what one tricky means is basically a chore only playing one hero in that hero is your expertise. You're not really learning anything else as a lot of that happening I have stumbled upon since I played overwatch since the beginning being a tank or healer because nobody else wants to play that most of the time every once in a while I'm surprised that there are some players actually pick the two tanks to healers before actually pick by usually pick last and it's usually regulated too so I have been as good d._P._S.. Because I've never really played it <unk> as much as before the problem is that the dynamic of overwatch originally was that you could pick any character you wanted to any combinations you wanted to understand that was the beginning in our here where there's Meta and all his other fun stuff and some heroes have actually come of made it more difficult to dynamically switch between different heroes because you've actually had to make or try to find the hard counter of Ichiro. Oh like megaphone heart counter for her stuff but I really I'm just not really in favor of it. I get why they're doing it. They WANNA have better overall matches and I've had some frustrating matches where everybody just picks deep yeses damage per second on what that means and it's really frustrating because you're just like any one of you to be tank like world's quick play. It's like yes but you can still be smart about it and actually want to still win. It quick play but people do what they wanNA. Do you is not really much you can do about it so with that said they're alive. Youtubers have more in favor of this. I'm not actually in favour of this is still like the original way of is dynamic you change on in a fly of whatever you need to change in that type of role now. I haven't played it yet because it just dropped but I will play routh. It in the P._R.. Seve's actually good see that. Actually it does make it quote unquote better if it doesn't then there's no point to it apparently but not only updates. There's a ton of updates. I'll get to more of the highlighted ones for for example global ultimate costs have increased twelve percent so that means that it's GonNa take a little bit longer than before to get your ultimate and if you guys interplay overwatch ultimate so the big abilities that you can use to have help your not succeed and they're pretty big usually for example Hammond he drops in a bunch of different minds and people can either try to avoid those maestro. Those mines exploded by them far. Does this huge like rocket blast. I may does area effect of freezing. Somebody gets frozen in the circle that it is. There's different ones for different types of characters well. It's been increased by twelve percent because blizzard was seeing that some characters are some heroes get their ultimate really really fast on Zo usually gets pretty fast. Being Sambre got pretty fast as well. There's some heroes faster than others and so they're trying to reduce it to make it more of a impact act not so frequently that the impacts just always constant thing also the biggest changes slowing effects now slowing effects always were stacked so if you played a reinhardt and Hendra Shield up in May which is freezing you it would stack. Back on you and you basically wouldn't be moving at all so instead now is that the freezing effect or the slow effect will not stack on if you're let's say a Reinhardt with your shield deployed or a widow with your scoped in because it will only be one or the other so whichever is slower. That's the one you actually get until I mean eventually unless you're frozen completely by May that's what's going to happen now. kind of like this because it it was really difficult when you're already sewing yourself voluntarily and then you get slowed again where a lot of times if you're reinhardt and you're trying to not be frozen by may you just couldn't move just stood there like okay. I'm trying to shield myself. Help me help help me and you basically skipped frozen because you can't move once you start freezing you quite a bit you can't move at all and then once you're frozen. Obviously you're frozen but this also applies to Sims turns so actually won't apply to the slower players know now if you don't have a sewing effect by Reinhard Shields appointment or widows sniper scope in then it will affect you so it's going to be one of the other is not gonna be stackable this time which I think will actually she helped with the slower heroes that do that because it dig a little frustrating on that regard now ash is reload time has been adjusted or decrease from point three seconds two point two five live is just to help with being so long because when you actually did empty a clip a just fully emptied he took a while or a lot of people like it took forever to reload to happen. You actually had to do quite a bit of ammo management so you were like halfway down. She's GonNa Reload now. Instead of just emptying the clip because it just took forever to do now for Gita was one of the biggest changes because people were concerned that GITA wouldn't be able to be played very well and to to to type of play style and I agree with them and so here are the biggest changes for any brig players out there. You got healing amount increase from one hundred two hundred thirty to get a little bit more health also sell feeling thing is now have you won't be able to do as much healing on yourself as you did before you're still going to be. You're going to be more of a squishy player. From now on repair. Backstopping completely changed. I get three per shot right so you have. Let's say junk rat has to of jumbo charges remote charges. It's similar to that we get three and then there will be a cool down and you can do three again now right now with Brigada once you throw out the emo Peggy heals instantly. No it's not the same anymore it will now. Only he'll two seconds over time. Also the healing is changed from one hundred fifty from one hundred twenty so it's more healing done but it's over a period of time and you can stack these but it's only will extend the duration by two seconds so you could stack these to make durations. Go a little bit longer but that what that means for let's say a little bit squishy. Healers squishy players not gonna be as good as tanks because tanks still have armor so you can actually help them keep on fighting but I wish is you might want to have them retreat and then throw it out with them because it was an easy thing right now for break just to throw it out there completely heal up and so they can keep on finding out with some extra Sheila's well. We've shot has actually increased of law city from sixty to eighty also retraction time time has been way down so from point six two point three so it's about half a lot quicker so you throw it out. Come back in so we'll actually help I think in the long run with help with the fighting a little bit more now now this is the biggest change and this will actually make you change you play quite a bit the barrier health or shield basically I'm brig is basically reduced from five hundred to hundred meaning that you don't have as much she'll as you did before meaning meaning that you have to play a little bit more strategically. You can't just go in bust up. Have Your Shield up because you're she'll will just hit pretty hard. I agree with is probably not I probably would have done probably maybe three hundred instead of five hundred or two fifty cents of two hundred but that's what blizzard things is the best one so we'll see she'll bashful spirit us from nine seconds to seven point five seconds so it's a lot quicker to not be stunned as much and then rally has increased. I ultimate ultimate time to ten percent now. Honda's storm Aeros have been greased from six shots to five shots which is great because it can kind of annoying and Tegwen less May Lina actually changed too much but it's still can help a little bit with everybody else now for Maura which another one I play. You can't be stunned well. You're in the fade so junior fatal billion reinhard does the hammer down. You will not be able to be stunned by by that which is great. I think that's a really good thing because Morrinsville spiel but more of a elusive character or a way of getting out of things easily or more easily than the other the healers out there especially if you're on a player it's really hard sometimes when you're overrun by characters to actually get out of it now Orissa's protective barriers just down by one second. I really know if that will actually help the biggest one besides Brighi to is reinhard as well as Ryan kind of gets a I would say to buffs more especially with the soling effect not actually hurting him as much and then the steadfast effect so he won't actually be knocked back too much because it seemed it was really easy to knock him back and it seemed like he would be knocked back really far well. This one actually has been reduced quite a bit so the knockback effect is being reduced by thirty percent which will help keep him more steadfast and so you won't be like like a loser comes up and boobs you off and it's like it's like huge. Throw off and you're just like I'm this big character. How how does that happen but this actually reduces it so it actually keeps them a little bit more on the ground and not so easily thrown off by just knockback effects now? It.

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