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She didn't know how to take it at first, but she was not like a bratty little girl and and it was also kind of cool to see to see rob cordray not play an asshole. This is the software side of rob Corddry right here. He's playing a love and dad, and I thought that was a good thing for him. The other store that I kind of liked was. With the was the guy's name, Jonas suffer. He's the one with the with the kid from stranger things. He's the guy from from Luke cage. The name fin wolf heart yet been Wolfert. Yeah, no, yeah. I was always call him Bobby fish from Luke cage, but that was the one story I liked. Yeah, and I know I'm a sucker for the stories with a old man who's a widow. Yeah, it is in in this story, the kid is the pizza delivery driver. He just kind of befriends and. I'd like to, I like the friendship. They form complaint. I have about that one. I don't think they, I don't think they showed enough of their story until later backseat, everything else. That's the problem, having twelve stories going on because you completely forget about this one and they come back to you like, oh yeah, I forgot this was in here. Yeah, but the other part of the store I don't like is they try to convince you that you know the whole thing with him and his kid is, I think, defined that dog and that that don't make sense to me. How does not that don't like that man. Dog that dog ran that don't give a fucking. He with his distracted house. My. Dog hates them. Mommy gotta say about Mabel. Love me. No, not the way Mabel ran from you. Fuck you. Man. Dog hates you man. But I did like the story line there and I thought they had some a four. This movie. I thought that they had a couple of good running gags actually. I thought when it started at the very beginning, I thought they had some funny jokes in there, and I was very hopeful. I even like annoyed the ban, but let me see here the whole thing with the pothead doofus brother-in-law Adam pally I, I never warm up to Adam pally because he's always up noxious donor. Yeah. Yeah. No guess what? That's what he is. But I did kind of find it cool where they could've played this up for more emotional fake value in our fake emotional value. And he plays the guy that's keeping his sister's dog. And you know, he forms a bond with the dog. This is this. The typical thing they get together. They got typical gags. Dog farts also have the gag with the dog accidentally eat some. We the something in hijinks ensue. But I did like this story. I think one of my and I like men look. I'm a sucker for dog. So I'll say every now and then they did someone a dog that really, really got to me, and I love that dog Gertrude is this little Chihuahua in. They had this running gag where every time you see her, she's more decorated because she has to wear a helmet because of a soft spot in the, hey, I wonder why you love. That dog. I don't know, man, you would go. I have no clue. Because you got a soft spot. Damn. But I did like that and and I admit you put dogs and kids in the movie is going to. It's going to move me in. There's a moment where you get both in a couple of scenes and I really the for movie that was kinda lame it. It really got some almost brought some tears outta outta me on new the end. But like I said, I'm a sucker for kids and dogs. So I give this listen, we talked the is forgivable movies tonight..

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