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Heading to California. Governor Gavin Newsom desk, the state legislature passed the spending plan yesterday. Here's Los Angeles Democrats Senator Holly Mitchell, we will increase in role -ment to some of our littlest Californians by expanding seats in the early education, the childcare sector and to our future leaders by increase in Rome and see issue and you see the spending plan includes a controversial proposal to give free healthcare to some who are in the country illegally to Hamer, Republican Senator Jim Nielsen says he objects to plans to raise taxes. He's also concerned about too much spending not enough savings in this budget. Newsom has twelve days to sign or veto the package. Cal fire. Officials now suspending outdoor burn permits and much. Of northern California, the ban affects plaster, Yuba Nevada and Sierra counties, as well as Noma lake Napa, Solano, yolo, and collusive counties, and it all starts Monday morning. We've had a number of fire starts already and a lot of these have been escape debris burns and just accidental starts. And we've noticed that the landscape is certainly picking up the sparks to provide great fire potential. That's fires, Mary Eldredge. She says his suspension bans, all residential outdoor burning of landscape debris, including branches and leaves. Governor Jerry Brown has a new title professor. He will lead up climate change thing tank at UC Berkeley, and he will reportedly start his job as the new California, China climate policy institute, director, Brown also signed on to be a visiting professor at the university for the next three years. He's been governor state attorney general California secretary of state and the mayor of Oakland. California New Mexico are going to court to stop President Trump from building a wall along the southern. Borders, the alleged that the wall would break environmental laws another issue as the source of funding. UC Berkeley law school dean, Erwin Marinsky explains why the president used money from the Pentagon for a wall. Authorize? The president take unallocated sense money in Hughes it, but it can't be to support military. For civically to help the military in the case of an emergency mobilization during the government, shutdown Trump decided to use two point five billion dollars from the Pentagon for the wall. Normally he would need to get that money from congress, but they refuse to pay shimmer Inskeep thinks the lawsuit from California and New Mexico has a chance of succeeding, he expects at least one suit involving the wall to eventually end up before the supreme court. Mark Mayfield news ninety three point one. K. F B K members of congress are considering a Bill to raise the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour, Wall Street investor, Gary kaltbaum of cult bomb capital management. It's our big audio clip this hour, and he told FOX business that raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars, an hour nationally, would be job, killer, and would really hurt small businesses. Look when you mandate, higher costs, the business Vigouroux react, and how they going to react a, they're gonna go to automation. I don't know if you've seen airports with all the kiosks. And if you go to McDonald's with the same. That's one and you know what else happens. Somebody would get a job at maybe ten or eleven dollars, an hour will not get one at fifteen dollars an hour. If demon, you'll have less implants. Look, aunt Mary, and uncle Bob running small businesses, if they can't take the costs they are going to do something about it is just simple. Logic. He might be right. But here's the reality Christina way, too many Americans have not been able to keep up the cost of living. Okay, too. Many can't afford to pay rent buy a house. So this aid comes down to this does industry in corporate America step up and start paying bigger wages for their workers or does the government have to step in and raise the minimum wage nationwide like has been done in California, right? You're absolutely right in California were kind of a microcosm of the rest of the country and people are particularly having a hard time making it here and buying a home. But it's happening across the country. Wages are not keeping up. So they're either there has to be pressure. One way or the other to get wages up or get prices down. So people. Can afford to live. So yeah, they may it may be a job killer. But people need to be making more money. So that's the two sides of that argument. Let's get to the top national stories on news ninety three point one k of became..

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