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Nash has a chance to win a championship. The thing is, I don't know. Family's gonna listen to a word. He says No. Six. Yes, but he was asked about Kyrie. Irving. What? When's Kyrie Irving gonna come back, But I haven't had a a Knopper to nitty Tonto. No any new details about Kyrie situation so I'll just rely on another front office to learn more as we go and you know they're the ones I think they're gonna be do the messaging on that front. I mean, what's Cary doing this morning when he wakes up? He's having cereal. He's like, Maybe I should go join the team now. Maybe not. I wonder what, like Steve Nash is thinking, too. Steve Nash is like dude, What am I doing about this? Six months ago, I was hanging out with Lake of been Bobby Myers and Steve Coburn. He's like, well adjusted comfortable in their roles. I had Steph Curry over here. We're working out in the gym. And now I'm trying to figure out if Kyrie is even gonna show up today because I don't know. I don't know where he is. He's just put that I don't even know where he is. Yes. So I said What you doing today? Why wouldn't he joined the team today? No, I got something going on. No. It's just that it's It's not right. The mood is not right to go to ups and mail. If you package just like he was checking in on like he was on some, like campaign zoom call with like some politician or heard. What were the details on that boat? They said it was funny, like somebody had broken it down is actually our guy Joe Barton of the athletic He was the one breaking it down, and he said that like 7 26 local time so like four minutes before they were supposed to tip He wandered off, So I guess you may have logged off to watch the game. But you're just hanging out at home. If he wasn't it's weird. Don't tell me Don't tell me my lot to riff, by the way, Maybe not. I'm not sure what? I'm gonna try something. This could crash and burn. This could blow up in my face. I'm just gonna throw it out there. Just in case Don't tell me when we start parsing through some of the footage of the capital. We're gonna see Kyrie climbing through a window with a mask. But you wanna know what dude wouldn't even shock me? Wouldn't even shock me. You could probably trace his absence to around that wouldn't even shock me. Do the new video. Turns out. He's got his feet on Pelosi's task or something. God, Yes, Incredible. Reno. It was incredible. I wanna hear from Doris Burke. I like her basketball. And she gave her reaction to harden like Doris. Yeah. Oops. She copes unawares there. It's all good. We go. Doris Burke. Sorry. Okay. My first thought was a team that entered with championship expectations raised the possibility for that. You don't add one of the great scores in the history of the league and not raise your championship expectation. My second thought came almost as quickly stage and it was this will not be without its challenges. We know Kevin Durant can play alongside another M v P and a great two way player in Clay Thompson and rise to the top and be a two time M V P. What we don't know is whether Kyrie Irving, who has bristled at times with another great player, like LeBron James or James Harden, who has now gone through multiple great players alongside of him are willing to make the necessary sacrifices. You raised your championship expectations. But this isn't a unique season very little time to sort of adjust and prepare and practice. But definitely I think you've enhance your chances. Doris just spit in truth all over the place there. She's absolutely right. She's like you have a situation where two guys of the three Have not proven that they have that championship fiber. I mean, Carrie is a champion, of course, but you know, for a sustained level with other high level Alfa males, you know, I was just thinking you plant a seed my head about Kyrie revenue. We We just take for granted. Steph Curry. There's no rule that says step doesn't have to be. Steph could have been could've spent the last five years kicking and fussing and screaming and crying and whining and bitching and moaning. He's about anything he wanted to. He's the rarest of birds, man. He you're so right, dude he could and on the floor, too, because they G still gets his ass kicked every night and doesn't get calls like I could never gets called, could be causing so many problems. You could be like two time every piece of the three time champion. I'm gonna start start throwing my weight around Clay Thompson could be the same. Hey, Why do I have to take a back seat? I'm not getting my looks. I'm not getting my touches like they could. You're so right, man. They could. We are blessed with two of them. Probably the most well adjusted superstars. You know, in the history of the game, they really have to be thankful for what? They don't do not just what they do Do what for? They don't do so because Katie Katie, I I personally am a Katie fan. I like Katie. I like his game. I like who he is. I think he's an interesting dude. But he gets moody like we've seen it, even in Golden State, like there were times when he got moody out here on burner accounts reacting to people on social, I know so I know I said this right away. I'm like, how is Kevin Durant and the deal with New York City? Dude, It's so intense back there like every move is amplified. You say one wrong thing. Do they never let you forget it. That comes for the fans to because the fans turn on you in New York, too. It's not just the media do the fans will give it to you. So I don't know. I mean, like the house, Katie gonna survive a whole year. This kind of drama New York. Well, New Year's different. The media's not around. He's getting a break because the media is not around. You know, they could. Well, that's true..

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