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I don't know i yeah i think that's my picks men at logar gun either which is like none of us take the guy weather's did you take the gun a dude i only go gone if you have another person might the doctor barrier that vat rewinding begun like you said around like bonds story getting rule of law the mile the video like it's like gear to your like berry i wanna you know freak you out but you got about one moore's bad story i'm gonna shoot you that do come up with some crazy shit you cats are threatening barry bonds oh you very millionodd the oneshot deal yes you all you're saying once once the cats out of bags eerily wake he he can't know about the gun because you get sleep that night yeah that's that is truly can you hide it until it's like time to do it yeah you have to half knocked gillam like two years i i'm blowing so arsenic you'll berbon they shouted i it like they're going back the god stats ten more points to be able to kill him at some point eight five million dollars to bring bonds back here the gear eight you're like ten i holed out to the end site now i miss berryman bring as gay you need a human in there with you and bonzes 11 points lesson the 18yearold and way more interesting to me when i can make myself come dolaram only thing though is that doesn't say barry bonds will sex with the or not they senior older does i don't like i'd like to outside with barry bonds of the zionist necessity but i think it has to say it like the 18yearold very clear she will have sex with right firebombed insights we could see i guess it enough that's what the going for early is a grown man after you know take him to dinner was out a gourmet adamou ballots unlike bear actually foods in from italy men have seat let's let's chat we'll champagne gets flow you don't have no that's alcohol you can't just have all faulkner you didn't take drugs or alcohol thoughts wide while i need a pen and paper today.

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