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Will go deeper Let the on people that out safely and end this war of choice against Ukraine CBS's Chris lives a is more than 100 miles southwest of the capital Kyiv The air raid sirens have been sounding here after 8 Russian missiles slammed into the airport president of Ukraine volodymyr zelensky calling once again for a no fly zone over his country as Russian shelling continues to take its toll The CBS esteve fighter on the concerns surrounding Ukraine's leader Ukraine president Vladimir zelensky has called himself target number one for the Russian troops which have invaded his country There are reports that he has survived three assassination attempts in the past week The mayor of the Ukraine capital Kyiv former heavyweight boxing champion vitali Klitschko acknowledges death is a possibility We don't want to die but we're ready to die Secretary of State blinken said this weekend that Ukraine does have a contingency plan in place should zelensky be killed In Russia the government's cracking down on dissent and dealing with overwhelming economic challenges Visa and Mastercard are the latest to cut services there Cybersecurity analyst Chris krebs The economic impact in Russia will be devastating their projections of an oncoming depression in Russia That will have an effect in Putin will steadily lose support at home Here in the U.S. triple-A says the average price for a gallon of regular gas tops $4 highest it's been in 14 years In cities like Los Angeles most places are charging more than $5.

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