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AM six forty I heart radio station. The dark secret place in Houston here until eleven we were talking about Audie Murphy who this this week in nineteen forty five. This was the week that the the action that awarded him the medal of honor took place, but the the pre history up to that point is all the more remarkable. And almost as remarkable is that the horrible movie to Helen back. Starring Audie Murphy doesn't cover nearly half the stuff that that already. Murphy a went through string of going through continue listening to KFI for the latest for evacuations. To a river possibly over flood stage. We'll update you their second of three storm systems come through so Cal. So Audie Murphy is in in Morocco with the third infantry division. He is assigned because when against series a tiny guy, and they say, well, you're going to be a runner because of course in World War Two while radios were were down at the platoon and company level. It was much more reliable because air extremely short range. If you needed to get a message back to your battalion, the best thing to do was to get the smallest fastest guy because he's a small target and physically give him a message and tell him to get back to battalion with that message and come back with the answer. So he was a runner. The third infantry division was part of the invasion of Sicily and on ten July nineteen forty-three in the licotta, Sicily. Murphy had been assigned as a third infantry division division level runner. So he would be taking extremely important messages from the division headquarters down to different regiments in his case, see fifteenth infantry, regiment, he was the guy he was the conduit between his regimen and third infantry division during one of these runs he spotted two fleeing Italian officers near of Coty and he killed them and witness Assam kill him. And he killed them from a distance with his rifle, and that began the reputation of Audie Murphy that little Texan with that rifle of his so now fast forward to September of nineteen forty-three as the US and British forces invaded, the mainland of Italy this time at Salerno while on a scouting party along the Volturno river, Murphy and two other soldiers got ambushed German machine gunfire. Killed one of his comrades one soldier Murphy. And the. Other survivor responded by killing five Germans with hand grenades and machine gunfire. While taking part in the October allied assault on the Germans, what was called the Volturno line. Murphy this company repelled an attack by seven soldiers killing three and taking four prisoner. Murphy was promoted to sergeant on the thirteenth of December nineteen forty-three something consistent through his autobiography to Helen back. Is that Murphy even at some of the worst moments in hand to hand combat. Put the emphasis on taking prisoners and because it was inculcated into him. It was hammered home in the third infantry division that if you bring bring us back alive German, you're probably gonna save ten to twenty American lives. So Murphy took that to heart and one thing about his leadership style from squad leader platoon sergeant to later officer is that he emphasizes in whoever he's in command of the importance of taking prisoners period. And this is a feature throughout the the next year of the the intense ground combat that already Audie Murphy went through January nineteen forty four. He was promoted to staff sergeant he was hop- hospitalized in Naples with malaria, and we probably had malaria contracted malaria on Sicily. But it wasn't diagnosed until the winter of nineteen forty three. Forty four so January of nineteen forty four. He has diagnosed with malaria on twenty one January. He's unable to participate in the Anzio landing because he's in the hospital with malaria, he returns to his platoon on the twenty ninth of January and talk to any any bacteriologist. He's not cured of malaria yet. He's clearly still has malaria, but he goes back to his unit as a staff sergeant on twenty nine January nineteen forty four. He was made a platoon sergeant in the same unit company b the same unit. He came to back in July forty three he returned with the third if three division two and zero where they remained for months. Because that was a horrible operation, and they were stuck under German artillery fire for months and months and months on the second of March nine hundred forty four Murphy and his platoon killed the crew of a passing German tank. They actually pick them off with rifles. He crawled out alone close enough to destroy the tank he received the bronze star with the for valor device. He continued personally leading scouting patrols to take German prisoners before being hospitalized in thirteen March with malaria, so so it's it's late January. He goes into the hospital for malaria, January twenty ninth. He's out, but he's not cured of malaria. February goes by he still has malaria mid March thirteen March he goes back in the hospital with malaria. On the eighth of may his company were all awarded the combat infantryman badge. He was awarded. A bronze oak leaf cluster for his bronze star. Meaning he won a second bronze star. So now after the d day invasions in June of nineteen forty four. There were in August corresponding invasions in southern France. And Audie Murphy was part of those he received the distinguished service. Cross for action taken on the fifteen August on fifteen August of nineteen forty four. This is what happened. Again. Now, he's still platoon. Certain his platoon was making its way through a vineyard when the men were attacked by German soldiers. He retrieved a machine gun he returned fire, the Germans killing two and wounding one two Germans exited a house about one hundred yards away and appeared to surrender. This is one one of the corny scenes from the movie is absolutely true Murphy's best. Friend responded stood up to take their surrender the two Germans shot and killed him. Murphy went crazy. Remember backed with his temper problems. He advanced alone on the house under direct fire. He killed six Germans wounded two. And he took eleven prisoner. So he kills six walks back with eleven prisoners more on Audie Murphy, the untold story right after this. Again, he still has malaria, and he's fighting an infantry war back right after this. Let's catch up on latest from the storms.

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