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Mandatory sentencing college basketball, I just I if I'm Zion. Williamson peace out, thanks for coming. The people at a Dita's have already ascended ton North Carolina. They've already Corentin him and said look just rest don't put on no more Nike's because they just blew up and cost you, you know, an opportunity to blow up on screen and said she. We'll get you some Nikes course, Medina's just set out chill, and when you declare we'll sign you too like a ten year fixed zillion dollar contract. Yeah. Dita's Saint touching hill. The reason is because he was part of the probe. He was putting the Dita's pro. Oh, so let's. Who was the new guy who was a new guy about the actually tweeted, something our algae, probably find it. It's not dot com. I don't sit to something talking about the shoe a whatnot. You know, he got out of there. He escaped that one. Yeah. I mean, the shoe, you know, Nike obviously took a little bit of a PR hit. They had a little well, I'm saying SU exploded, I know. But they they took a little bit of a PR hit. It's a bad. Look. The question is though is design Williamson go out there and you're done, right. This is the end of the line. Because look I think that it's kind of turn we've seen with Nick Bosa from Ohio State. He basically didn't play his last year. He might be the first pick in the NFL draft. We've seen players kind of started with well, I'm just not gonna play in the bowl game. Because it doesn't really matter. I want to protect my draft status to more and more players to say, I'm out. I'm not going to do. The Winston doesn't need to take another shot. He doesn't need the block the shot. He's the number one pick and other than maybe somebody doing thing because they need to. With thing and saying this is what's wrong with college. Whatever the backlash is going to be minimal if anything at all he's gone. I wouldn't. And I think coach K is smart enough been around the block long enough and had enough. Guys, drafted an NBA will he wouldn't even attempt to try to convince him to come back in finish the season and get to the champion. I I don't think. So I think when you get into this situation, whether it was the kyri urban situation when he was at Duke and play games or desire situation right here. Whereas knee is kind of bruised and tweaked a little bit. I think that the people that at Duke smart enough to say, you know, a man good. Thank you. You got us here. We're good enough where we'll just keep going. If it happened two weeks ago, they said the same thing. I mean, guys all the information we need. What's the point of playing if you don't need to now for me when I was in college. If this would have happened back then like just this situation. I would have played because it was the Rose Bowl. But my senior if if this was if that was now, and we went to like the cactus bowl Dusen. Even if it's okay, let's go back to let's say it is the Rose Bowl you're playing and you you're you're not one hundred percent your something less than one hundred percent. You could probably do it if you had to. But you're let's say that you're the number one pick. But maybe if something crazy happens, you're not if you go into that game. And you reinjured your knee. You have you get hit something happens because you didn't say, you know, what I know it's one in a million. But I'm going to take the one off the table. I'm not gonna play. And that's those are the decision yet. Nothing's probably going to happen. But why results at the time the Rose Bowl granddaddy of them? All the big is still the granddaddy. But it was the big that was the big one. That was. Yeah. It was like. Everybody. Tune. It was the game. We're now the game obviously is the final four from the final four to wherever they place a national championship game. At if you in those games, those four you probably should play anything outside of that. If your top pick, you probably shouldn't play Ziya Williams being the top top five pick. Absolutely, not you've you've gone through this year entire life your.

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