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In the parking lot. We talked about everything from having a new baby at home during isolation to his love of Tiger King on Net flicks. Here's our conversation and go tigers. Okay so my fellow Louisienne. This is so fun to talk to another. Lsu Person Does Hager's. I said to my mom the other day that the good news for us even if this fall football season gets canceled at least we can just replay last season and we have a good season to replay rolls over so. Come back to back champions. That's see I love this mentality. This is a great yes. So without sports and touring happening. What kind of other stuff have you been doing to occupy occupy your time right now? I mean I own new dead. I will get a four month old at the house I've been been busy hanging with her. Which has been awesome and then also we stopped. We did start a tour at the beginning of this so pretty much. Put us on the road pretty early in January and then You know we were gone pretty much every weekend leading up until they shut us down so right Being at home now I'm actually. There was a lot of things that I've been trying to catch up on and but mainly just kind of spend time with them. You know. It's been a really busy. Not just past year really past couple of years so the downtime as as you know it's not it's not ideal but it is great to get a little more time with them. Yeah so you're kind of just leaning into this time at home it sounds like no absolutely and I mean I really think that's the only way to go about it. You know it's a for the first couple of days. I was really bummed out now. We had some great touring setup and some fun shows that we're looking forward to but I mean it's just kind of the way the chips Phil and I realized a couple of days in that it was just like you know nothing. Good's GONNA come out of this but a sit around powder not pout about not being on the road right. Now it's Kinda family time and cannot shifting shifting gears to to write more music in in maybe you know maybe some great will come out L. Speaking of Writing Music. I saw a tweet that she put out the other day that you're trying to get a CO write with Tiger King. So this is where corona virus has led us. Have you watched that you okay? I'll watch the first episode just because it's been such I mean it's everywhere everywhere on instagram twitter. You can't escape it so I'm trying to get into it. Does it get better after the first episode. I don't I don't want to say yes. But you know it's one of those. It's it really is just so wonderfully terrible that for.

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