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This ability you have to communicate with animals. Sounds extraordinary. The picture of the bear in your waiting room in the office is so interesting because I've seen a another shot of you. Right hugging the bear right next to bear hugging here and the bears head is almost larger than your entire body. And you do this thing with a marshmallow with the bear. What what tell me what what you do. I prefer marsh now on my mouth and the bear takes it out between my lips and tastes it are they. I can't explain it all. And they they they just read your luck a book and they know they spot fear if they if they sense fair then you you have to be very careful but if they sense there's no fear there then it just sit back like you and I are doing and we just have a little go out. Did you develop a way to deal with animals? Or do you think you'll always had. Oh I think in the womb. I had my folks love Al's deeply. Just Kinda my life. Somebody told me that you were at a zoo. And they said don't be don't be were. Don't be offended the animals. This animal never comes out. I think it was a giraffe. Oh it was. It was in DA at Columbus Zoo. Big Huge territory for this giraffe and he was an farthest corner. Wahab way way back there and he said don't he he won't come over even for food. Evil come over. Don't do well. I can't help but I have to talk to the animals so I should come on. Come on sweetie come on over come over. And he just looked Kamala. He came from that corner all the way across and put his head over the fence and let me pet. I was just mind boggled. I want to get back in there with I. Stay with you. What are you supposed is? How do you do it? I I think they sense a lack of fear my primary thing but also tremendous love German. I love animals more than most of the thoughtless over exception of a couple. That's another story. You're good relator to people as well. Have you learned anything about relating to animals that you apply to relating to people? Do you think I mean with the hub? Realize if you meet somebody for the first time like I've been the whole time we've been sitting here this nice engineer. I've been hitting on him while I'm talking just that same basic joke. About how many times do you get with a class? I see it coming.

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