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Just spend all that money that they apparently can't spend making a pro phone actually black instead on turning the entire state into your office have interoffice trams and trains air. We go the big empty cupertino spaceship. Yes that's that's an you know that. I think that's a lot of employers are encountering during this whole period. Is they look at what we spent all this money on this building on this office space and we're done everybody in it because but we want people in it because we spend all the money right. Yeah it's sort of a microcosm of every is everywhere every bit. Well it's really a macrocosm because it's it's apple well okay but than the entire world still. It's almost there. But i yeah i thought it was a thought. It was a solid event. It did feel a little ru- i think the beginning felt a little rush to me. I don't know why. Maybe because i wasn't expecting the ipads the time and so it caught off guard but we we were still ready. I just didn't expect them. Yeah i want to. I want to publicly Shout out the entire team at. I'm more including karen and christine for all of their great work this week. On all of these apple announcements from our from our guides to which iphone you should buy which colors you should get. Will your case fit your your old. Hey your new phone spoiler. No as we've talked to excellent editorials talking about the event. Just you know just tremendous effort. So karen freeman christine. Romero chan look. Philipovich brian wolfe. Oliver has them. Stephen warwick joe at a shook Jacqueline kalani collie lachey and surjit. Coz i just wanna say thanks everyone for all of your great work. This week So joe keller as well for organizing all of this ragtag bunch into this. We're we're ashamed. What these days but Yeah i i just. I'm very proud of our team. And i want to say thanks to. I'm sure many of you in the comments today are avid readers of. I'm more dot com. So thank you for checking out our stuff. This week. it's been it's been a big one. It's been a huge week. This is my first iphone event. Being in charge of things you know capital. I capital c. In charge of things so it was. It was nerve wracking certainly but we got a great team. Don't we so as we we wind down here Good event solid offend good products. All around. I'm very sad to get many. My both of my minnie's i'm getting to s next week on the i have never bought to apple products at once. This is my first time ever getting a phone in an ipad the same time and it is my first tightly unplanned. Maxing out my storage was also be your first time being a mama. So it's timing. yeah. I'm just afraid of that credit card bill. So you're actually your story of change. Your inner critic aren't it's it's it's i have a lot of credit underwriting maxing the credit card diapers.

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