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Of recovery. The law offices of Michael Friedman serving the mid Atlantic region for well over 35 years. You're exclusive Wcbm Weather Channel forecaster. Why have we locked out the cold fronts out of here? Cooler and drier air moving in a fantastic weekend for your out to our plans. We still have a slight chance of a shower thunderstorm today, but most of us will be dry for the rest of today. 82 the high Tomorrow's partly cloudy one or two showers. That's it 80 tomorrow and lots of sunshine on the Fourth of July 84 Sunday I'm meteorologist Terry Smith from the Weather Channel for Talk Radio. 6 80 Wcbm at the Flag house in Baltimore. 80 79 at the State House in Annapolis reporting at 206 on Micheal Filippelli, 6 80 Wcbm news Back together at work. Nice to see you again, Steve and back together on our roadways. Boy, Do I miss quarantine? We put together the news, traffic and weather you need information coming together. Talk radio 6 80 Wcbm Broadcasting from the Wcbm safe Retirement solution. Studios called Rod Borowy 410266 11 20 safe retirement solutions dot com. Welcome to the Derrick Hunter Show on Talk radio 6 80 w CVM. Brian Darling Guest hosting for Derrick Hunter on the Derrick Hunter Show. Thanks for listening. Feel free to check in. If you have any views on What I've been talking about the whole trump organization, witch hunt, critical.

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