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We'RE GONNA start out with the AMITYVILLE cates. I'm pretty sure that most people have heard of this case because it's been made into a bunch of bestselling books movies and all around has a pretty firm spot in pop. Culture skeptics have bent over backwards trying to discredit this case. But despite all their efforts majority of the phenomenon that happened there remains unexplained. Amityville is located on the south shore of Long Island USA. It's decently close to New York City only about an hour away give or take but are enough to be a quiet community. The history of the area goes back pretty far and has even been home to some pretty famous historical figures it even goes back further than America itself to original settlers the MONTOC it and shinnecock native Americans. The natives believed the area to be similar to in modern times might be described as Ley lines like Powerful spiritual vortex or something a place where the place where the veil between the material world and spiritual planes was very thin spiritual entities. Crossover much more freely there than other places on earth. So the native Americans held the entire area of Amityville in reverence. It was all sacred land and it had other purposes to the enemies of the tribe or those big considered possess store even influenced by evil. Spirits were actually executed. They're usually by exposure meaning. They were left with nothing to die from the elements wild beasts starvation dehydration or whatever. The land has been saturated in human suffering and deaths since the beginning of its settlements and when these executed victim's bodies were found they would be cursed by having their faces buried downward to always look into the abyss their spirits would never be free from it was a ritual of execution that became a spiritual prison of sort the native Americans any souls who were executed and buried in this fashion never ever left the land and there are many legends. These cursed spirits doing nightmarish things to those native Americans who made the mistake of wandering through these for sekine woods. The malevolent entities were very well known for want to share their suffering with living and then came the European settlers dishing out a whole new reign of terror taking the land from the natives and building their own settlements but like usual. They didn't really understand what they were getting into. Not Listening to the superstition of natives and building whatever they want a down any of their sacred land. However there's no shortage of dark legends concerning Amityville during the famous Salem witch trials from the eighteen hundreds a supposed magician named John. Catch him came to the area as the legend goes. He fled from Salem because he was accused of witchcraft. And obviously did not WanNa get burned at the stake or crushed to death or hung. He came to Amityville to conduct his occult practices without any intrusions and he was very excited at the energetic Uil spiritual phenomenon that was going on Amityville it was beyond anything. He could've formerly comprehended allegedly. He even made his home on the exact spot or at least near the spot that the House of the Warren's later investigated would one day be built and the magician lived there for the rest of his life. Practising the occult the whole time all the way until his death and supposedly his body is actually buried like somewhere near the property or even underneath it but then again that it is a legend. So that's even ever really existed at all but without getting too in-depth into the history of the house there was definitely pretty anomalous occurrences long before the war ends were ever called to investigate for paranormal activity on November thirteenth. Nineteen seventy four. The mansion was the crime scene of a mass murder in the middle of the night. Twenty three year old Ronald to feel roam the home and one by one stock. His own family killing them with a rifle. The family was already troubled and had issues but it only seemed to get worse after they moved into the home hence the claims that the dark forces around the property influenced the young man to kill his own family. But many did just chock it up to Ronald being psychotic and suffering from severe mental illness. That wasn't being treated. However despite those claims there definitely is an unexplainable aspect to the murders. Every single. One of the victims were found in their bed as if they'd been sleeping. How is it possible that a single person acting alone could kill his six family members in the middle of the night with no one hearing the gunshots or running or doing anything to defend themselves? Rifles ARE PRETTY LOUD. Just one shots woken up everybody in the House and had people scrambling and nobody did anything and remained in their beds. There was no evidence of the family members being drug or being dragged or any struggle. Or ANYTHING IF we're being objective it really looks like they just laid there and allowed themselves to be murdered just a one year later. After these horrific events the Lutz family moved into the home the same people that the movie the amityville horror focuses on and at first they were really excited because they got the house an extremely low price and it was pretty classy at least on the outside. I put the budget sale on the AMITYVILLE. Home was obviously because of the murderers but the people selling the house never told the let's family at all about any of that being religious called in a Catholic priests blessed the House as they were in the process of moving in. I'm not really sure I'm not really sure how accurate this is. But it's a cool part of the story in pretty creepy because as the Catholic priests made his way up to the room the former murderer who killed his family just to your prior allegedly disembodied voice yelled out at the priest get out which obviously freaked him out pretty bad and he left as quickly as possible but before leaving. He told the family not to use that room as a bedroom. Very very sternly in kind of bizarrely. But he didn't say anything about the disembodied voice or the evil presence that he felt. It was in long before weird stuff started happening the Lutz family claim that feels strange sensations and phenomena from the very first night they stayed in the home something or some things began influencing the minds of the. Let's family because very out of character. They started acting aggressive towards one. Another and arguing when they normally wouldn't and instead of interacting with kids in the neighborhood like any normal child their daughter started hanging out exclusively with the new imaginary friend not only that but mysterious odors began emanating from nowhere in the house randomly and hundreds of flies swarmed the rim the priesthood the voice. I depend a time of year. That visor normally dormant George Lutz would have horrifying hallucinations of while laying in bed. His wife turning into an old hag and on one particular night he even saw her just levitating above the bed. But despite all the creepy stuff most horrifying aspect was the manipulation of their minds and altering of the way that they perceived reality their whole personalities. Just started to change with George Lutz. Probably having the worst of it becoming more violent angry and just a darker person but over the short time that they did live there. There was a plethora of unexplained high strangeness. Going down to the Amityville House with things eventually. Getting so crazy that the let's family just had to pack up and leave and that is the only after a mere twenty eight days of staying there and and around this time this is when Ed and Lorraine Warren got called to check the house out. They were contacted by Marvin Scott a reporter who had actually worked with the Warren's before investigating other anomalous activity enduring the Warren's investigation the let's family refused well can't think of the right word. They fanatically refused to ever stepped foot in the house again. No matter what was offered asked or anything but the Warren's in Marvin Scott were not alone. There's a whole group of people that came to investigate the House the Warren's were among them but they were not the only ones. The investigators included parapsychologists other. Paranormal investigators and a crapload of reporters right after entering the Lutts home. The Warren's almost immediately knew that something strange going on at was drawn to the basement. And when he went down there he started spouting religious stuff which antagonized an entity that threw him to the ground. That basically all the sensitives were affected in some way lorraine was a gifted psychic and she was quickly overwhelmed by the demonic energy that flowed throughout the Anglo home and the the entire area I guess. According to legend she was constantly haunted by psychic impressions of violence suffering pain sadness and especially the murders that happened to your prior. She would see the corpses of the victims and the murderer himself. Ronald walking throughout the home and was actually even physically assaulted though. Not nearly as bad as ED. The crew event saw the spirit of a boy to which they alleged caught a picture. And I duNNo. It's seems the bankable but you can check it out with a quick Google search. It's pretty famous. It's the image of a little boy in a doorway but after the initial investigations at Lorain. Warren's studied history of the land the home and things started to make a little bit more sense to them they learned all about the native Americans and their belief that it was a spiritual hotspot between worlds and about all the ritual executions and burials swells all like the dark Colt stuff. That went down there. They even found some plausible evidence that backed up the legend of John. Ketcham living there. The man who was kicked out of Massachusetts during the Salem witch trials for practicing witchcraft. So by then at all pretty much made sense to the war and Zelda Serious Strangeness That was going on in the area. Thirteen did their best to cleanse the land and try limit the evil demonic presences and whatnot but they didn't really think it did much good. The land was just to saturated an evil soon after the Lutz family. Just sold the home to the bank and it was backup market.

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