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Comey's but this is who they are and this is what they do ceu they've always been and what they've always done so we got the cubans frying the brands of our people and we really should pull out of there and cancelled that stinking obama deal which sucked and was just an embarrassment to western civilization and two free i'm loving people everywhere but in other community organizer got the nobel peace prize remember for for cruise missile attacks i think was ever to us the nobel prize for cruise most cruise missile attacks on unsuspecting american citizens overseas i think those are mostly hellfire missiles technically but but never mind that and now we have the 10 pot creep in venezuela threatening us as well now the inheritor of the hugo chavez thrown according to arjun thein media excuse me me venezuelan media the the richest person in venezuela is the daughter of hugo chavez who is worth more than three billion dollars i think three point two three billion two hundred million dollars i'd be happy with just the two hundred million myself even a hundred million other i'd probably scrape by on that but she because they're comey's so they steal everything they say they're socialist bolivarian revolution all that bs it's all ally they're just kleptocrats oppressors authoritarians they uh they're what george orwell warned us about and and so is today democrat party in the united states so from moscow to beijing to pyongyang to help vana two caught across to berkeley venezuela prepares for war with the us newsweek headline reads with rifles missiles and well oil tanks at the ready we're we're really weird quaking in our boots silverhaired guys i gotta tell ya you shook goes to the core with that one venezuela's president nicholaas muddle ought to pretend i'm a reporter for cnn ah nicholaas of maputo in contact us the venezuela they like.

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