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Interrupt their conversation, but they're also being inconsiderate for the other passengers that are in line because they're not hearing the divest jeter, speeches or anything like that, and they're just sort of in their own world, like nobody's present for anything anymore. Everybody's onto the next moments to the living. This one thank you. Stephanie Well Okay Ask yourself this. Are you. Okay. I'm not to that too I. Don't think I'm rude person. Eighty percent of Americans believe that rudeness is a serious national problem, and we all talk about it amongst ourselves. Doing not say how rude everybody else's, but here's what's so interesting. Ninety nine percent of the same people say that they themselves are not rude so eighty percent. People say. That is really rude people. It's very bad situation here, but ninety nine. Ninety nine percent of us. Say, but we're not one of those people so what we're. GonNa. Do Right now is take a quiz. Those of you at home. You're going to do this to this could be an eye opener for you. Everybody in our audience has a boating device from A company called paget communications. And you can play along at home to just by answering yes or no. So here, we go first question. Are you chronically late? Press one for yes. Press two for no. Are you chronically late? There's a result twenty-seven percent seventy three percent. My answer would be not chronically. I enter be. My answer would be SORTA Kinda like ten minutes late today. Getting down here I had some issues. But there should be no excuse because being late means that you are I will tell you this story that really helped me Bob grain like a brother to me, and I used to work out with him a lot, and when I first started working with him. I was I was late I was chronically late and I was. Late one day and he said if this ever happens again i. work out with you because my time means as much to me as yours means to you so you either get here on time or find yourself another trainer. And I went. Really True! Okay two sisters up here, sisters who answered Yes to being chronically late. Okay I have four children to get ready though before I get out of the house. Okay so I have a cat. And, why are you always late? Ms Cat Lady. We understand children I. don't leave enough time I like I. Don't I'm a teacher so I? Feel like I can just go twenty minutes before I stay late. I'm late person. That's why not a morning person. But do do you see where it's? Where drew to absolutely? My husband drives him nuts. Okay, it's rude. It's rude and say that it's rude. It'll be my goal for this year, okay? But it's still road. More of this conversation in just a moment. Support for today's episode comes from Madison Reed Technology is rapidly changing the way we live in so many ways especially during these times we're using technology to guide us through an array of our Daily News. But one thing that hasn't changed is how we color our hair easing outdated at home, colors or spending too much money in time at salons. Well, Madison. Reed is changing the game delivering gorgeous professional ammonia, free hair-color straight to your door, starting at just twenty two dollars Madison Reed customers are raving about the results, beautiful, shiny, multidimensional and healthy looking hair. Many Madison Reed customers even comment on other. Other new hair-color as improve their lives, what makes the brands color so unique is that it's crafted by master colorist who blend nuances of light dark cool and warm tones, plus you've got options with over fifty five shades to choose from Madison Reed also gives you the tools you need, so you can color with confidence with Madison Reed. You'll look like just came from an expensive salon. Find your perfect shade at Madison Dash Reed. Dot Com our listeners get ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kit with Promo Code. Oprah. That's Promo Code Oprah at Madison Dash Reed Dot Com. DEAL DASH DOT COM is an honest and fair bidding site with hundreds of auctions each day and right now. If you go to deal Dash, DOT COM and enter code summer, you'll get an additional one hundred free bids with your first bid pack purchase TV's jewelry clothes home, furnishings, computers, even cars. They're all available at deal Dash Dot Com and you can get them for up to ninety percent off. Auction start at zero dollars, and they have.

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