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Right. let's move on. The fantasy. Footballers mock draft very excited about this mock draft. We have not done a mock recently. Where the three of us shared a team oftentimes in recent history. We've all we've gone head to head. I think i was that one week. You guys went head to head and so we. We like to do that and we're going to do that again next week but this week we're gonna share team. It gives us some time to discuss. Debate argue And more time to kind of break down our thoughts around the picks which is what's valuable. Mock drafting yeah. The the goal here is to see different strategies. Talk them out and and think ahead as to what happens if you go this direction or that direction Real robert frost poem situation here And we're going to take the path you just make a robert frost reference. I sure did and the quote was what the we're going to take the path less traveled. Is it the path of the road. The road how man. I just leave me alone athletic. You drill on this. I barely got the name right. Yeah you going to call them robert foster. I know. I think it was a foster. And then i was like that's wrong. It's robert frankie. Robert blizzard the wide receiver for the buffalo bills. You know if you're gonna try and sneak in like a real dignified literary reference. You're getting you're getting fact checked. That's fair that's fair. He's these looking up at Stephen king once said i had this memorized once upon a time. But i think i was in like seventh grade. Spend a minute. We are doing a twelve team half. Pr one quarterback two running back to. I'd receivers tight inflicts defense and we through a poll up on twitter and let the foot clan. Decide where we're drafting from. And so we are at the seven spot in this draft. Let's get going christian. Mccaffrey goes one on one. Dalvin cook alvin kamara. And then you've got henry barclay and chubb so the top six picks off the board perfect there is There's a name at seven. That that i i would certainly go with. This was my team and my team alone but You know. Jonathan taylor you got the wide receivers demont. They atoms tyreek hill. Got other This this is the point. I think the seven spot is one of those where you have to decide. How many of the running backs you really love. And you saved man. they are anchors. They are true cornerstones to my team. That's my belief of this player in twenty twenty one if one of them drop to you It's pretty easy to pull the trigger on a true cornerstone piece. If not if those guys are gone and you're debating between kind of that next tier running back where you're saying they're food but do i wanna take a good running back or do i look at the best wide receiver. Go grab davante adams or travis. Kelsey grab one of those stud tight ends. We have not yet left a draft in recent memory without one of those big three tight ends and so here at the seven spot. You can go adams you could go kelsey or for me. There is still a cornerstone. Running back ezekiel it would be my pick. And that is who it is for me as well and for me the decision would come down to do prefer zeke or do you prefer aaron jones. And i have zeke. One spot ahead of of aaron jones. So i'm good with that. Pick up look at us all on the same. We'll get us with chubb going at Team six i agree with you. I would have gone. Zeke here on aaron jones with the next pick and then at nine Is where i would based on how this drastic switch would draw the line. Not necessarily. But i do appreciate the ryan. Okay zeke. at one time our first. Pick jonathan taylor went next and earn jones. So you have the first nine picks a running backs then hill so your first wide receivers tyreek than atoms equitor sneaks into the back of the first round. Good for you go awesome. Isn't he joining the show soon. Look there's rumors there's rumors but confirmed rumors right. What the rumors are they. Just rumors renew their notting. That i think they're okay. I think he i think he's doing is mostly confirmed. It depends on his practice schedule. We'll make some seconds. Dick yetlis equa. We got you into the first round we call you awesome excellent. That's your name. Now get on the show bro. Were reverting now back to just awesome equa. Now he did come on the show again last year. Right got a little banged up. yeah so hopefully. He doesn't associated live alright. Deandre hopkins starts the second round then digs kelsey drops the two or three in this draft. Oh a little. Kansas city stack there for ten yet team. Ten went hill chelsea. Are you opposed to that. Going hill and kelsey. Though i am not you'll be happy about it. I am one hundred barbecue in the first and second round. I mean we talked about Stacks on yesterday's tips and tricks episode. This is a different type in. This doesn't give you the upside but it gives you a little bit more consistency but specifically if you can get hill and kelsey that means you get all of the kansas city chiefs offense metcalf goes next and mahomes and here. We are on the clock two. Oh six we have our foundation running. Back ezekiel elliott. There are still a number of good running backs available from nixon harris gibson Clydes there now you could At wide receiver headley yup calvin ridley j brown. Justin jefferson I think it's too early to snag. A kindle waller for my tastes over the types of like calvin ridley or an antonio gibson And so now this is where what we're what we're really deciding with. Our second pick is almost less about who were taking here. Because there's a hand is. I'm happy with but it's more about. How do we want the next round and thereafter to go because if we take a wide receiver here. There's a good chance. We're looking at running back next. Round and questioning and clyde edwards. Lehrer fall to us there. Could joe mixim fall to us there. I don't think i'm going to be happy with the running back that falls to us at three seven. I think i'll be content with a wide receiver. That does so it makes me lean towards us deciding between gibson harrison mix. I completely agree with you. I i love calvin ridley. He's as good as any of these players. But if we were closer to the turn so if you're drafting from the second or the third spot that's where that third round you can find clydes layer a lot and i love that but i agree with you andy. So let's go running back and side. Those are the exact same names. I would be looking at it that at wide receiver for me. If calvin ridley's here in the middle of the second round that's full stop at the wide receiver position but running back. I would. I have the mortared. Nagae clyde gibson nixon But i know that both of you are higher.

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