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Game. But terrified US offer a moment. He limps off the field shelby Harris Noah. Fan. What are we looking at I? Mean it's probably takes about four hours every day now justin just to go through the injury report. Which is why we will go through everything. Right you're. attack. Yes I will say this Phillips Lizzy, he wasn't what are the guys that traveled it looked like he was going to play and then come at the last moment you decided hey, let's let's hold you out. Let's not play. He should be ready to go against the Patriots did a pretty good ten days rest for the Broncos, which is a good thing for them. So he should be able to give to be back but then you go back to that one two punch that we will all talking about the Broncos will have at the beginning of the season you bring it Philip Lindsey. Now you also have Melvin Gordon. Freeman being best blocked on third down along. So it gives you an extra dynamics often that you didn't have that's going to be sorely needed especially with seven being out for the year. What about Noah Fan? Have you heard anything there? He was. He's had a good start to the season at a big catch and then he goes down with that injury any any news there Trying fine you know left the game had a little bit of an ankle injury, but he should be fine the doll for the next game against the Patriots and things goodness because if you lose out on him I mean. Be doing off it. You literally no weapons. If you lose out on no sense, they should get that. You know, hey, what just a little bit of a hiccup, but he'll be fine. He'll be ready to go. Yeah. No question about it and I know you got the little ones back to their cheering right now they're saying, Hey, no offense play we're excited about. What? They are cheery but you know what it is crying on the were. Babies. No question about it I will tell you though when Sam Darnold runs for that five hundred yard touchdown, that's what it felt like I I'm looking at this going is this going to be this? The demise of the Broncos? Are we going to lose this game? We're going to go back to that run and I mean you see Justin Simmons misses a tackle. You get get Alexander Johnson back there MRS that sack I'm looking at this going Oh my goodness. This is going to be a rough one for this broncos team they find a way to recover and we're we're not really focusing on that giant run. Brady if you ever wanted to look at a video to show kids and say, this is how you don't tap. What happened there was Sam Darnold I. Mean it was literally guys making business decisions on a quarterback I. Don't get it that. When I saw that run I, it was almost one of those where it was like you had to say, okay, I have to cover the team because if I was a cover of the team, I was GonNa Watch like you know like the home shopping.

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