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Joyce. Thanks, ten minutes after five at KRLD. So we do have a chance of rain in the forecast. Let's find out how much and win. And all that good stuff. Say good morning to chief meteorologist, Dan Bruneau? Good morning, Dan. Good morning everyone. Hope you had a great weekend except for our guest yesterday evening didn't end too. Well for most of us whether this morning not much really going on. There is some scattered showers. West of mineral wells, right now extending a little heavier rain down in towards the northern central hill country, a lot of these showers will miss us. But as the morning wears on like we seen the past couple of morning Saturday and Sunday morning. The through the new now, we'll see these scattered little heavy showers. Come to the couple of them could contain some lightning with it. And then we'll have another chance as we heat up this afternoon at temperatures will be warming into the mid eighty some areas, if you see some more sunshine, we'll be into the upper eighties likely fell yesterday at eighty nine. Also, the wind will continue southeast attended twenty miles per hour keeping that Gulf of Mexico wide open force. Tomorrow's our rain. Any day? I think we'll see a few isolated showers tonight. But there's gonna be a long and wide squall line a long line of showers and storms moving in from west, Texas and the big country by early tomorrow morning. A couple of storms could become severe during the afternoon hours. I think the week in a little bit as they approach, but where were they weekend regenerate during the afternoon and evening hours. Some heavy rain is possible. But I'm looking for too big of a flooding threat right now, all the flood watches are off to the west of us stretching from pretty much the grand all the way up towards the great lake state. So this is a slow moving storm system. But most of the energy is going to be traveling to the north of us, but against some strong, maybe some isolated severe storms tomorrow afternoon. They will clear up as rapidly as we get wet tomorrow skies will clear from west to east some cooler drier air sneaks in will finally gonna feel like fall on Wednesday Thursday with highs only in the mid seventy s lows in the fifties that'll be nice and then another storm system with a little bit stronger front moves through the area during the weekend late Saturday into Sunday. A few showers along that front and temperatures are going to remain. In the seventy s on Friday Saturday, and we'll cool into the sixties. I don't think we're going to get out of the sixties on Sunday. That's some good state fair weather this weekend coming up right now where it's seventy five degrees at L d..

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