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However, reach out to Mark D'Antonio, who is move on photo expert. He told me There's definitely Something illuminated by the sun, and it appeared to him that could very well be a jet contrail that had been extremely fort showed for shortened and it doesn't appear too mysterious to him. I thought it was a little bit more exciting than that triangle of sightings are ongoing phenomenon, according to Peter Davenport have been over 200 reports of triangles in the past and the first half of 2020 on October 5th, for example, in Pensacola tree cutting crew said they That Dusty saw triangle that they first thought was a helicopter. But when it flew overhead, they could see the black triangle shape. It had blinking light light at the front and two blinking red lights in the rear. And on October 2nd three triangles were seen in Kentucky. The witness said he was driving home when he saw the three things hovering. With white lights and red lights. Two of them hovered above the strip of land, which separates the north and south bound lanes of the highway and one was hovering on the outskirts of the north Bound lane. There was no noise. So it seems that the reports of UFO shapes have been involving over the last few years. They're everywhere. Kevin, Thanks for the reports. Love your work. Up next. The man who brings US trends. Gerald Celente on coast to coast am Real people, real stories, So I had an appointment with the surgeon and he was told me what all he was going to do, and it.

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