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This week as well with we almost had a me and you face off in the toilet bowl of alex natalie. Good way going. You just managed to scrape a win last week but Straight man against cmos. Hopefully he ends up with that That's that it's funny week like last week when like not being on the part i think was Look good in some ways. Because i was a nervous one around and unfortunately this this week sucked yet but for me. I think i mean i to finals at twelve weeks so hotak last week. I should've like. I should have one hundred fifty dollars in the listen tomatoes and i and the dan on the invitation of but look. That was a big game. I'm probably the big probably had the biggest losing score out there. Like two hundred fourteen points. So are you saying the biggest loser. Yes that's the tape. Fell elliott goodyear official like. Let's just recap i i got jailing to you. Guys come into the league. Three dre sorry state. We had wong he horse and blowing They've been good editions editions. Enjoyed having them onboard. Blow me he's just jump in and just gone you know into the deep end. He's just gone all in researching all the time. Yeah he comes out to me. I towards the end of the end of the time and he's just barely knew anything and if it like spending three hours a day just that's awesome. Yeah he's also joined dynasty leagues. That's good. I think he's just going to be great dish for that. Like these chappie. The cancel era is like another guy that i thought. Let's see how this goes right. He's he comes in and just heights. Don't like my fancy. I can't play. Fans ruins the game ruins and lows. One of those classics by everyone in the office is playing fancy. So i guess. I'll play fantasy. He had a dream during the dream. And he's like where he's like. I need to play fantasy. Google a god intervening play fantasy and enjoy it. He he's buying for third. That's that's question first year in the shatt he's he. We always knew that as soon as we go over the line line. He's he's the most competitive glove of the mic hundred percent. He's talking every day about it. This guy took him just to work out how to work a computer. I'm learning nate's to come in but that's right. That knowledge in enthusiasm can't fault that no one hundred percent long. He's come on board. Yep he's look. He's more competitive than i thought. He's in competitive but he's also got the earliest taste of the hottest that he's fantasy heating seeks waking wake at Just any jones jake. Big disappointment for humana. Tom's he said he's quitting giving up. I mean that's i mean how he doesn't say that every so i mean i'll say that a lot of losing all this he can go donohoe but no yes so we demand So it look all three of them. Big gripe credits to the tests And i think heading into next year it's gonna get better especially if we keep on greenback toys and make sure that he's the waylon truly notice hundred percent hundred percent last week. This is what happens. Championship bracket you had james evolve will finish near fifty made it to the the second week last. Good on him up against the awful drudges who had just been the team. Oh year eleven to been fantastic drudge previous print comfortably. The school was okay. Yeah he had undergone fourteen hundred thirteen. How sorry and bronco volvo. Seventy one pitiful. I mean i would've been in them both. But that's beyond the point of i as i've had a go at valley craig craig's on about how he's the best team in could win. The play-offs was in it. See now when you constellation cry. Can't get in the playoffs with only five wins for the season. Exactly look i had a great chance so the season you could have got it. He was only one win away in a very strange league resulting for the year. But like craig hundred and fifty seven points this week. Very good l. Done a second. I v second going into the chaim ship. That's how it's meant to play touch down of may wayne hundred sixteen point. Six point of against patriots. Tally horse you. We said adding on points glick adams adams had a very very poor game so he had a few things just didn't go his way. Russell wilson twelve points had to play. Tim patrick which was rough. Only scored three points. I look there's a few things there that probably just went on on. The unpredictable sought for horse. That made it not very competitive. Unfortunately so that was tough. San francisco defense scoring negativity never helps so had a good good good run run and but look touch down again. Brad's had a very good year Guys like mahomes three tens robinson although that'd be interesting to see what he has to do this week Evan ingram then things around. Aaron jones has been the star for him as well so look touch down. Dropped to well played well. He's had a good season site. I think we've got the three best teams going ahead in. Terms of season-long craig One of them will be first on champ one of guests. They pain in the before nine. That's right i like that. That's great that's gonna say that's lost a championship one. I think i did. I think i remember that anyway. Georgie deserves it. Look he does. And that's probably who we're going for break down the matchup and say anyway let's A bit of a roster rica. We haven't flavors. No that's right way was was going through yet for us and really all of you out. There hume listen to us. Who are part of the eighth out. Thanks for listening first of all day. But let's look if you guys on on wave is that probably you should be looking for salvin amid yes has turned on the jets in very good and miami. Myles gaskin is way. So ahmed's come to play on it gets gaskin. He's doing with shag. Potentially but you just wanted to that. Yeah he's gonna monitor like that's that's the thing is a funny time of year was People who are in contention that gonna play teams on the probably not gonna play as much either. So ex look ahmed. He assured that he's gift. He can be a solid running back and perform really. Well scored one hundred odds a plus on the ground plus touchdowns say look love lamad. And if he's out there you go to like. He's much mustang. Unfortunately horse let him on the bench last week so that did not help him now. Claudia was hilarious is out the rest of the like this week. Which is the rest of the fantasy so he might come back and play. Yep in the real world So let bill. Yeah is an this way. Have -solutely so if he's available yet that's it That's that's probably the biggest thing. Is he available. Some people will probably quite annoyed with left. Bill probably.

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