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Be credible. Make sure they trust you and make sure you show that you're competent and then players will follow you met goes in there. And all of a sudden he's telling him stuff, and it's not true. He starts. That a team or from a competency standpoint players go that calls not gonna work that plays not gonna work. Right. And you're done it doesn't matter. Anyway. So he knows that. And hopefully, Mark Murphy knew that when he selected simple as that. I talked about this all day. Earn Rogers knows more about the quarterback position than most had head coaches in the NFL. I would say as a person. Let's keep going. Jeff jelly with the last word. Everybody rogers. Sounds good. Sounds bad. Steelers starting Cornerbacks Joe Haden and Steven Nelson have expressed both excitement to matchup OB J twice a year. This according to TMZ sports Hayden said, I can't wait, man. You've got to go against the best to be the best to Nelson said. I welcome the challenge. Twice a year all year. Gentlemen. Sounds good. Sounds bad. Lewis will start with you on the end as my man. Ryan Clark says sounds good. Sounds confident. All right. Well, when you're line up. Yeah. Look, of course, look all players want to face off against the best in Odell is one of the best. He has a lot. He wants to prove go figure that go figure guy of his stature as far as what he's accomplished already in. The NFL has a lot to prove you're going to get the very best that to him because he has something to prove you get the very best out of him. Because look at the people that are around him who also gonna want to raise their game inherently because now they want to see how they stack up to ODA Beckham junior who's running routes right next to how Baker Mayfield wants to put it all it's all good. Steve nelson. I'll tell you what Joe Haden. Buckle up machelandon. Get bumpy. That's the dumb fun without him. I don't want to go against you think..

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