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Deadpool and celine dion have just released a music video more we are just today you should post that kerry lady gaga lady gaga i'm gonna make a gas she like lady gaga would probably want in her dressing room a hot water bottle no a whole roasted chicken well you could use it for the same thing and cheese but only the non smelly and non sweaty varieties of cheese for the boring cheeses yes right let's see bon jovi i know i now this one i know shoelaces shoelaces no cowboy boots filled come on hot homemade low fat chicken noodle soup and enough bowls and spoons for ten people if it's homemade how do you know what's low fat you i don't know just take our word for it bond jovi michael boob way michael boo blais he would like in his dressing room i'm going to gas oh scots builder fertilizer no here acquired one local team hockey puck in his dressing room a local hot depending on where he is collect them janet jackson janet jackson's easy janet jackson why she she needs a box of latex gloves no a flower arrangement and it can only contain tulips roses or lilies while i was closed with the latex gloves let's see the rolling stones well they they just need they just need blood for transfusions to smartly dressed well groomed hostesses to assist in serving the band in the lounge okay mary j blige mary j blige i'm not familiar enough with her too i would i would guess it would be like a hearing aid but that's just a guess i knew toilet seat.

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