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There with the chain smokers. But just so you know, every hour every day this week about thirty five past the hour. If we're running on schedule about that time just past half hour right is when you win your sold out wingo. Tangle tickets that thing sold out so fast fast, say it again. So hype man. Hype man. All right. One man's trash can be another man's treasure. And this really is the case with one of the items from Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's wedding. Yes. So in case you've been living under a rock, and you don't know Joe Jonas and Sofie Turner got married in Vegas after the billboard music awards. They were wed by an Elvis impersonator and the bride and groom used ring pops for their wedding rings because they're also in ring you buy at the candy. Lek lick. So if you're really sad that you weren't there and you want to own a piece of the wedding ceremony for reasonable four thousand dollars. You can own the wrapper from one of their ring pops used in San old rapper. Yes. So the sales on EBay and the rappers described as a slightly wrapper on the happiest day of Joe's life may I two thousand eighteen months Vegas, Nevada. This is the original candy wrapper. So it's basically the the candy wrapper ring pop with a photo of like Sophie in the Jonas brothers and the Elvis impersonator on top. It's all framed, and like a nice little frame for you. But it's going to last I checked it was at four thousand dollars. Who knows what it could be up to? And you didn't get it at that bar piece of. I cannot believe that it's going. That's crazy. No that it's legit. That's right. You need to really have authenticated. They probably have some authentication candy wrapper that decay. Yeah. Bid on. So I I remember growing up like who. Did you idolize whichever bid on that thing? Now from somebody can afford it stuff for Michael I've definitely gone him signed for who like Philip rivers football, Coby, Bryant basketball things like that. I remember. So I don't know if you knew what I was a kid. I was big fan of Richard Marx right used to sing. These songs, you probably don't even know what I did on Richard. Mark socks. I didn't. I didn't get them. Why would you want giving them away for charity? Yeah. I didn't get them. And it's a good thing. It's a blessing in disguise. It was a different Richard.

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