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You have a quarterback going into his seventeenth year with A. I'm not even GONNA say Tommy. John I'm GONNA say Ah Bob Jackson arm injury which is coin it with some name because they won't say. Tommy John You you have a team. That has some cap issues because said quarterback count seventeen percent against the CAP. And your backup quarterbacks are they don't give me warm fuzzies whatsoever so I would disagree with those guys I think at best. It's probably even. I would agree with them if we knew. The status of where Bin was from a health perspective but I think not knowing where bin from a health perspective. I don't think the positives outweigh the negatives. Because if he's not healthy. It's a wrap your right and we've talked about that before. I do think that the positives mainly on defense. Because I just don't see a lot of weak links on the defense. We know that can make up a lot like you said it all comes down to Ben Rothlisberger Health. And that's going to be the ultimate in my opinion that's going to be what's going to sway in one way or the other from contender to pretender is going to have been on one person. Then you will see In the twenty first is what about three days away now? Twenty first next Friday next Friday. Yes scary so check back with us on. Yeah I said it yes. I said it You know I WANNA see. Beng throwing peanuts considering. He can't any foot barring any row. It hit throw anything. Except people under drove IGA. Throw Beerbaum balls. He could be throwing cornhole bags. I don't care. Just let them throw something so we can get a gauge as to. What's going to happen? Twenty twenty so all right so then the Tuesday show. Disco Field was joined by a special guest. Kevin Smith who is also known as Cliff Harris is still a punk. Who's a writer for behind the curtain? Dot Com very educated does a lot of film room breakdowns for us. He's very very good at what he does. He writes one Article Week. Typically runs Tuesday or Wednesday may talked all about the running backs and the question on hand and Lance will ask you. This question is should the steelers. Look for one stud running back or should they take the running back by committee. Approach something that I don't think they've ever done in my Tomlin's tenure. Although Smith MR SNER DID DISAGREE WITH THAT. He said that the year they went with. Isaac Redman. Jonathan Dwyer and Chris Rainey was the closest thing that they had and they were running back by committee approach and it was bad. It was not good but that was so your thoughts. Do they need to go out? And get a star running back. This is assuming that you don't think the James Connor is that start running back or is it running back by committee in two thousand twenty. What's the famous you know? I'm the cliche killer if you guys don't know but what's the Cliche jet when you talk about? When you have two quarterbacks if you have to quarterback you don't have one what is that cliche. Yeah when you have to. You really don't have one. Well okay well if you have three. Let's just extended to running backs. I mean at some point I mean I hear running back by committee but I think the talent has to be better. Like like you're GONNA do running back by committee. I I think the assumption is you do that because you don't have as the back but how about having a couple of good backs if you're going to do running back by committee have better ones than the steelers I mean. I just don't have. I don't have confidence in any of the back so I think the easier approach is to have a stud in impacts that complement. The Stud a third down back you know. Sorta win. I just just you know a good lead back a good backup in a good situational back pretty easy how you find that. Guy. I don't know but no I don't have confidence in the back so I would rather have a very good back into situational backs a back to catch it out of the backfield so on and so forth I really I mean they were much better. I mean when they had Mr Buck Naked Rob. I like that approach. I don't think they're going to add to the running back depth chart at all this season. Here's the way I'm picturing it. You can agree or disagree. Let Me Know James. Connor is going to be the guy as long as he's healthy. He's the Guy 'cause that's Mike. Tomlin does whether you like it or not Tom. Legs have is one guy nats guy. He's a run the wheels off and we talked about that Ad. Nauseam on these episodes now second is the backup is going to be Benny Snell Junior. He will be the guy that comes in and spells connor. And it's going to be. Maybe that that depends on the you know how much how they decipher the Labor there. That's going to be up to the situation and the health of the players all that stuff. I think you're GONNA see here's Jalen Samuels and if Cara White makes the team they're going to be used in specific settings and situations they're not gonna be any in any type of running back by committee where it's their series go in. I don't see that happening. And that also to me makes both of those players expendable meaning if they do get a free Asia running back even if it's a guy on the cheap or if they do go out and draft a player one of those players is deemed expendable because they were not going to be in the plans as well. So that's just the way I see the running backs shaking out this year. I don't think they're gonNA go running back by committee. James Connors their guy until he gets hurt again and sadly unexpected. Let me ask you this. The way this is sounding the only the only prominent free agent or not free agent the only prominent addition to the offense as it stands right now before the draft would be the return of Ben Rothlisberger right probably. Yeah if that's the case is the return of Ben Rothlisberger alone enough to get them back to The year that the year before he got hurt. Twenty seven points per game so they would have they would have to add they would have to average not basically nine more points per game to get the twenty seven is his mirror addition enough to get them to that point or. Let me ask you this. How many points is been worth to that offense per game? I'd say lease a touchdown so touchdown get him to twenty times to touchdown. Okay now it'd be right about where are expected to be anywhere from twenty three to twenty five game in the if you look at the defense if they can keep off twenty you win. Games is going to be close. Yeah that's the steelers at this point. Yeah unless you're playing natty they're not gonNA blow anybody out. You know what? I'm hoping that it's twenty six more sodium twenty three That that field goal differences big in terms of how many close games at play? You know that gets you possibly to possession leads late as opposed to one whereas we've talked about it in the past the way the Pi is called it a national football league. You put yourself in position to lose every game when the rest make bad call. So we'll see so it's interesting that you say Ben is worth seven points. I hope so I hope so. Ca Seven points to get them close to twenty six. I could. I could see that that. That doesn't seem farfetched to me. When you say that were the reason I say. Seven points and a touchdown is based on the fact that I watched last season. And how many times were the drives just completely stalled in the red zone or turnovers in the reds? And I'm not saying that Ross burgers and prone to turning the ball over. We know he can be. He's also smarter in the Red Zone when the field gets short and can make plays and there were times where Rudolph and Lord Dot Com which is literally knew that they weren't going to solve the equation and they were going to have to settle for fuel and that that was the offense and twenty nineteen having rothlisberger brings a different different element to the offense. So I think it's worth a touchdown I really do so. We'll see if that plays out moving along. The Standard is a standard. Go check out our show from Wednesday. We're not going to rehash the mink of his Patrick. Talk about does he need to do more. Now is hinting at his comments. Made at the Super Bowl about how he wants to be. More of a Swiss army knife moved around the defense more so go up. Check that out. We talked about on that same episode weather fans appreciate Ben Rothlisberger in on the steelers preview. We tackled that topic a lot and it was probably the majority of our F first episode was based on that and I know you watched it and call it the Dan Le Fast and I get it. I understand that you don't like that. I Love Ben Rothlisberger. Yeah yeah that's true. You hate him. You can't stand him so that's fine the time we don't need to talk about that we don't need to talk about it again but the one thing I do as he was. I don't hate one of the after party. Tavist I WANNA ask you an after party that we discussed and this is a the after party is a second podcast that we run. After the preview that starts talking football and then we kind of just go wherever it goes that led us to talking about old school. Wwf wrestling this past week. You'd never listened to that. You like crazy off the wall stuff. We've talked about. How LANAI TAG team against Bryan and Dave would be a very entertaining match in Lance? You mentioned it on your show. How you're going to be thrown. What did they call the? What do you call bricks alley biscuits I learned when I was living in Atlanta? They used to call bricks alley biscuits. So yes I would have alley biscuits stuff to throw in. There is The razor in my trunks. I'd have all that stuff to brass knuckles. I would not fight fair because I think as big as Dave is. You might have to hit day with a bat to trash. Cans BRASS KNUCKLES. Yup Any.

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