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Great Western Petroleum via the Auto Collision Specialists Studios Greeley among many municipalities, a cities and towns across the country holding a protest rallies. As a result of the tragic death of George, of Floyd at the hands of that Minneapolis Minnesota policemen and a Greeley's protests, and there were several remained peaceful, honoring the memory of George Floyd, who by the way it was laid to rest in a beautiful beautiful celebration of life during his funeral yesterday. Rhonda Sali's Vice President Stacey soon ago. President Latino Coalition of Weld County. participated in those rallies and join us this morning. Stacey Rhonda welcome back to the show. Good morning, Gill. Thanksgiving Yup good morning. Good morning so for those of us that were not able to attend. Those rallies take us to those rallies in Greeley and just kind of take us there. What did you see and what? What did you feel stacey? when I attend. I attended the Friday rally last week and It was very very inspiring to see all of our community people, many races and colors there to To really honor the life of George. Floyd in all of those the black lives that have been lost From that.

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