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Hello, everyone and thank you for tuning into Liberty Report today with today's Daniel Adams good to see you Daniel how you. Doing quite well. Thank you and Radian rare and to go. Hopefully. Add something positive to the world, but you know when we talk every once we bring up negative things. We have a few negative things to do because we're going to follow up on the usual subjects that we've dealt with so much these last several weeks, and that is corona virus and I was just mentioning to you I said you know. There's a lot of pros and cons and argument about how serious this I said it has nothing to do with the virus. It has to do with government power authority and using the coronavirus as an excuse, and I think a lot of what we've discovered and others are starting to discover. Is that the statistics? have been fudged all along and all of a sudden now they have dropped his whole idea how bad it is by measuring how many people die? Because not as many people dying. They don't talk about that, but they've been out searching and they get rewarded for. Finance is like finding Easter eggs out there. And they're finding him and a lot of positive tests are coming up and the way they operated hospitals. Everybody gets tested and everybody gets markdown in that is that for the line whether it's for admissions or whether it's for death certificates, or whatever no matter what the real causes our corona, virus and There's money involved and. And, we are continuing with this after closed down and things got better I thought. Maybe we're over the Hump and no, we have a second way. A second wave corona virus, no a second wave of totalitarianism, rearing its ugly head again in back and I have a sense of feeling that things. Are every bit as bad from the government this time as it was a few weeks ago, even though the statistics are much better, but found Jerry sure to see Han wants today that He got to be concerned because we heard. There is a new virus coming worst worst than everyone's probably. Either Russia or China created then they're gonNA. Find find an enemy, but the totalitarians the ones who used this as a way of encroaching on our liberties very early on, they were very honest. It'll never be the same. We can't go back. And all I thought to think and well, I. Don't like people going back. A lot of people used to tell me. We talk about the gold standard and I say I don't want to go back to the gold standard. We can improve on the one. We had ever shortcoming, so we don't want to just go back because there were things that we din like we didn't like the whole idea that..

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