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You know i guess like unemployment worked here in texas because it seems like we do have the people that are that are willing and wanting to work there. They are looking for jobs and And i know there's more than enough jobs that need to be filled so there might be just a just a balancing act of you know maybe there are people that aren't going back to work at this time and there's people that do wanna go back to work but it just seems like there's so many jobs especially at the the city that were in That we're kind of always on that point where we need. We could always use more people in. We're always looking for people that every time someone asks like. Oh you hiring and my response is looking for great. People always doesn't matter if we have enough or or not enough Always looking for great people by so it. Sounds like you haven't seen too much of a shift that's good. It's it's too bad that there's always difficulty in finding good people but it sounds like Not no different from ebay. Prior to you and i did have more my staff that was willing to come back to work We kept them. All we kept every single person told me you all have a job all have as soon as you're ready to come back At each one of you has a job when we don't want to let anybody go and as soon as you ready to come back So we did have gradually want more people started feeling comfortable. Once they saw the safety protocols that were taking in that needed to be the requirements We had more and more people just willing to to start coming back in and we just extended our hours a little more a little more and then a little more And an you know we're not at full capacity and fool Like aren't fully operational. But we're making it work nights so tell me how you markets a new location opening in the middle of a pandemic has it. Has it gotten thinking a little bit differently about marketing or how to reach out to people have you shifted. Maybe your marketing practices to different channels or platforms Where are you focused in to drive. Customers to this new newly. Oh bench tropical smoothie cafe so the marketing hasn't changed too much. maybe some of the The way we market has changed a little bit so recently what i've taken initiative in is actually I say is actually showing more people with smiles so I guess championing our customers in championing our employees and You know of course with aspects so usually a single picture Or like yes. Single pictures with people actually with our product in the hand and with a big giant smile so i'm trying to push more smiles With our the last say. Three months are our new initiatives to pushing More of our customer pushing more of our employees and it seemed to have helped a lot because right now we we don't always get privy to seeing people smile and so we're trying to make a little bit of a change in that and with our new location it seems that We have hit the floor running. I think people Where we're located on people are just a little more open to going out and People are going to restaurants. So i think people were just ready to get out of their house..

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