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A possible bacterial infection metro parks tacoma is warning dog owners to keep their pets out of garfield park near the southeast shore of commencement bay fell park spokesperson confirms health officials are investigating whether the deaths were caused by a bacterial disease called leptospirosis veterinary and dr karen becker says leftover short is usually spread through the urine of infected wild animals like racoons or possums stocks pick up the bacteria through a cut or a break in the skin or when they drink from contaminated water investigation was launched after dog owners came forward to say their dogs had died after drinking the parks puddle water lab results have yet to confirm the presence of lepto meanwhile park officials recommend any contact with the parks water or soil should be followed by a vigorous hand wash corwin haeck komo news two people have been arrested by us marshals and a one day sex offender warren sweep operation orca was conducted last saturday and targeted violent offenders one of them arrested in california awaiting extradition to washington he's accused of rape no word on the other suspect 534 let's you get where he a downing here's marina rockinger with our aaa traffic tiger mountain summit a disabled vehicle still blocks westbound highway 18 us so we have the right lane block it's going to be a halfmile slowdown as you make your approach there northbound 405 is still very difficult through southcenter up through the renton scurves southbound is tough in the south center area southbound 167 that's a slow go from to 12th as you have passed the kentdes moines thrown tough again from highway 18 to sumner southbound i5 solid from highway 18 down through the 5 curve we're seeing a plenty of redclad southbound i five through tacoma from portland avenue to highway 16 eastbound 512 still high a very difficult for my 5 out past highway seventy golden given road southbound i5 struggling from a horrid down through dupont we are looking at the bridges right now westbound 520 a disabled vehicle was blocking the exit i5 that's been cleared but it's left evac up from bellevue way he's down i90 will stay out of the mouth baker tunnel all the way across mercer island russell looking at southbound highway ninety nine year south king street left lane is blocked that's stopandgo traffic from to any way and the aurora bridges benpres crowd of this afternoon from.

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