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What can i do to take this young man my wing so in seven or eight or four or two years whenever his career over. And you're looking at a guy who's football career is over. And he's twenty six years old and he's twenty nine years old already thirty two years old or at least thirty five years old and for the majority of his life that's all. He knows when he was drafted. One number four number six and number twelve undrafted and he signed that rookie deal or he signed that contract at that point. He had no plan b. in terms of well. This is what. I want to be doing ten years from now. This is what. I'm going to be doing twenty years from now. And if this guy with preparing as hard as he had prepared to go to the nfl he really didn't have any other time to prepare what he needed to do and terms of what he's going to be forty one needs to be thirty five when he's gonna be thirty two for him. The majority is all about making the nfl. Whether you're black white asian hispanic gay will ever so. I don't hear any of these rich old privilege. White guys sitting there going. Gee i wonder what i do for the young guy coming in. Who has no nothing. His identity is football for him. It's all about football for him. He really doesn't have an idea of what he wants to do after his playing career is over or he might have an idea but he really hasn't taken the steps yet to start working toward the journal. So just in case you know he gets joe thighs mond just in case he alex smith just in case he gets a napoleon mccallum just in case god forbid he gets daryl stanley or mike utley or what are these guys whose playing careers or gale. Sayers whose playing career is over just like that because of a catastrophic injury. I wanna make sure that this guy at the very least is going to be on the road. Let me give him at least a roadmap to prepare for life after football and will hear any rich white privilege owner. Saying that it's about. What can this guy do to help me win the money in my pocket and when your time is up and when you could no longer do that for me ceiling or alligator and depending upon how important you were to the franchise we might put your name in jersey in a ring of honor We might bring you back for old timers day or you know. We might employees to work around in the community.

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