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This interview with mike fisher mike super grateful that you're hanging out with us today for some of the audience who may not be familiar with you. Maybe just catch us up. What are you up to these days. Tell us about your family well well. I'm <hes> married for nine years and <hes> it just i've been retired for about a year some trying to transition retirement enough to two young kids six six months and four and a half two boys jacobs a._m. Wife's name's kerry and <hes> <hes> relive a little bit of different light but we're definitely grateful and blessed and <hes> discount enjoying a little bit of time to summer at home <hes> off tour orrin <hes> i school for my <hes> for my son isaiah so it's a big day. That's exciting man <hes> nine years. Do that's a long time yeah yeah. Where did you get married later ten years coming up on ten years okay. We got married july ten two thousand ten so yeah yeah yeah. How did you carry me. We met we met at a concert one of my good friends. Actually my mentors was good friends with her band leader. Who is now my best friend then. I pay for all his dinners obviously so they they kinda set it up where we'd meet at a concert in toronto which wasn't i'm too far from where i was playing and <hes> what is actually see so as a bit of filter. She made me go through meet and greet because she was like like well. What if he's a little strange. I don't wanna have to hang out with them backstage and be awkward and so i go through this meet and greet and little kids little girls thousand one allied goodness. Anyway ended up going fine. We all went. We're win after with her band by now. We actually we. We didn't really have a first day for about three months. We just talked on the phone regularly and got to know o._h. Other which was awesome 'cause come first date or is felt like i already newer yeah but but with somebody trying to set you up and they still put in the meet and greet line yeah but she she was like yeah exactly. I'm like yeah. You didn't have very good job of selling you go to bed wing man. That's how long did you guys date before. We got married. We are we dated about a year and a half <hes> yeah we got engaged after a a year and then a year and a half married so that's awesome house the six-month-old doing he's doing good. He's <hes> he's just a happy baby. Always he's smiling. He's decent sleeper but he's a he's awesome. I love a certain be fun. Fun age or personality is is coming out and he's awesome a lot. I've heard a lot of guys talk about <hes> like bonding with their kids as a dad normally takes a little bit longer just because we guys typically bond shoulder to shoulder like doing stuff as opposed to women are obviously growing the baby and face to face and if the recipe and all that stuff so <hes> did you experience experience or was there just like an instant connection for you. I found like the first one was isaiah was a little different and i was. I was playing so i wouldn't see him <unk> as much <hes> <unk> early on but when i did i mean i love always love babies have been around a lot of babies and your first one like everything's so new <hes> <hes> and i think i bonded pretty well with them. <hes> and then the second jacob found because isaiah was like four years old i i found i was spending more time with isaiah while carey was with you know jacob so i think even though i you know i've been retired. I have been able to spend a lot of time with them but that's like. Isaiah wants to do stuff. I gotta keep him entertaining. Let's go fishing and nuts do stuff to help carey while she's you know with the baby so i think it's been a little bit different that way but i love the baby i don't know i i just like the baby stage. You don't always hear it too often. I like changing diapers and everything. I don't know you just goes so quick and it's gone and you're like when isaiah was three jacob yet. You know you miss some of those. I am falling asleep under chest. You know on the couch and some of those moments but did you guys talk about before he started having kids. How many league wanted to have yeah. I've always i came from. I have three other siblings and my mom's you know come from families. She there's ten ten of them and my dad's got five siblings or six of them so a big family. I was like wow. I kind of walk forward. She was like let's. Let's see how one goes then. We'll take it from there but we'll see we have a bit of a challenge with our second <hes> as a bit of a gap and we we had some challenges but we'll we'll see what what god has for us. We've we've talked about adoption as well and but right now it's just managing to the best we can and we'll we'll see so yeah. I know you have referred to jacob as a miracle baby. <hes> why is that. Do you mind me asking sure <hes> well. We we had my wife and i had three miscarriages in between zia and jacob and it was just a struggle it it was <hes> you know i think it did bring carry night closer together for sure <hes> even though the struggles but <hes> so so i think it was after our second <hes> after second miscarriage actually coming back out of retirement in <hes> certain play again. I was doing a workout cout in god for whatever reason i was just struggling. I was kinda. Describe out to him that happens during my work sometimes than <hes>. I don't know what it is. It's working by myself and i just heard god say inaudible but just had the seas like you're going to have a son and his name's jacob yeah and i was like okay. I don't know why jacob i didn't i told carrie right away. She's like okay and she was pregnant at that time and that was with our yet. Yeah that was after two miscarriages shoes pregnant at the time and she's like okay sounds good and then not too long. We have another miscarriage this carriage and also that is like well. We don't know god's timing. Don't know you know and then we stopped kind of you. You know you try your planning and you do all the you know the the drugs to try to get pregnant and everything and and none of that was working and so we just stopped and then and then just trying to take the pressure off and we got pregnant again and <hes> then. We thought we had another miscarriage this one weekend. She called her doctor. I like <hes>. I'm sorry and and i was like well never know going monday. She's like okay. Well <hes> on that weekend she. She went up to sleep tale one night. She's having shoes have just kind of having god like wrestling with god. I was when he told me about jacob and she's like i can't do this anymore. I can't you know if i'm not supposed to have more kids and that's fine but i just i can't take this pain anymore and says she goes the dachshund the next day and everything was perfectly weekly fine and that was jacob so when she was pregnant along them. I don't really know why jacob i'm looking his name in austin qualities gwa is the planter. He's you know he's and it was just didn't make sense well. Then i put it together one day probably about halfway through pregnancy. I was like jacob struggled with god and he wouldn't let god go all night until he had till he received his bossing and i was like both carry barium and i had wrestled with god and and that's just a reminder and that's what jacob did and now he's we kinda calm. He's still do yellow miracle baby and <hes> that's why his name's jacob and we're grateful so powerful. That's harker man appreciation that yeah how many times in your life i mean. Do you feel like god speaks to you that clearly often or was that pretty rare experience rare hersher. There's rare <hes>. It's happened a few other times. <hes> you only happens if i'm being like really intentional <hes> but never her obviously audible and indian. There's still doubts really mean but i needed to tell right away. We're gonna have signed his name's jacob. Then it's like and god is always is like why do we ever doubt him when you go through something like manna and carries like never again while i doubt him after her jacob why did we ever doubt him because he always comes through crazy how we forget even huge stuff like that and and through it all to like it was kind of cave if we don't have another son god is still instill <hes>. He's still our savior. He's still good. He's still it's not just because he provided the son jacob that he's good and and i did never wanted to have that kind of always only good because he's doing these good things for us. No that's not true and trying to live through that in the moment god. You're good all the time. We need to phrase you through all of it and i don't want to ever come. I'm across like he's only because we have a miracle baby then and and that's not that's not true. He's always good. That's right so that's good stuff man <hes> so it's like it's pretty rare for a guy to like be intentional as you. It sounds like you're being just following the lord and like trying to lead your family mainly to jesus. Obviously you know i'm looking in from the outside but like how do you see yourself as the spiritual leader of your family and just trying to be like the the first one to point them to jesus uh-huh well i can tell you i guess my goals in what that looks like first of all i've had the great dad to model myself after <hes> very present one of the most selfless guys i know people know both my mom and dad are always doing stuff for people poland selfless and <hes> strong strong christians like solid character <hes> side had you know a great role model <hes> <hes> rare yeah no doubt so i feel definitely grateful for that and <hes> first of all i think most importantly is my marriage urge and the i'm loving my wife properly and the kids are seeing that and i'm lifting her up and encourage her and <hes> you know the best away i can and we were we definitely on a perfect marriage but i'm grateful that we're all on the same page and we love each other <hes> bear very much and <hes> we've. We've learned and we've grown over the nine years. There's always bumps in the road but <hes> you know i think when kids came along when is a._o. Was born it was <hes> something just changes india where it's like hey i. I don't know i it is remember. The first prayer had was like i just wanted him to grow up to be a man of god and i didn't care if you played hockey or saying or did whatever adverts like all of a sudden like my main focus and it's like that instant calling of this is what i want to be and you now i fail at it at times of being you know being that great dad but <hes> but everyone does and i find myself prank constantly for patients and then wisdom he'll being a dad is like man. There's things even marriage. I think marriage becomes a great eight mirror of of kay what my selfishness comes out in her marriage and i have to i need checks all the time my pride right and those things and and having kids you know things come out to or you know i find myself you know asking my little four year old for forgiveness and it's like.

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