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A merry we had John. And now we have another strange name. Kevin in South Aussies. Name, Kevin. Good morning. Good morning. A question for you. Haven't I met? I met, Uh, Mr Harry Running for the D. A office several times walking in off the Virginia Martin. Harry's his name. Martin. Harry. Yes, yes, And he's good. He's good for Austin. I don't think he's not partisan. He's right down the middle. When I met him. He didn't even tell me he was running for D a thing. Well, you know, we were heading on the show a couple of times, and you're absolutely right. He's kind of in the middle seems to be the kind of guy that just wants to enforce the law as it's written. He's showing the middle. He did name tell youse campaigning. Man. It's just I don't think he has the money backing him. I think that he if he did, he'd be out there. He resonated with me. And I'm you know, Republican moderate, you know, And and I just I just think that But I don't think his name's out. There hasn't been any news. I think he's doing a great job. I think he'd be great for off. You're not alone. A lot of people have called and said the very same thing. I think in the end under a normal election, he'd probably have plenty of money, but that Jose Garza got a bunch of outside money that's come in and and just just couldn't compete with the dollars Skerry Skerry. Scary proposition with him, and that's a scary future. Potentially Andrew Good morning on the tide of Don show. Hey, Good morning. I'm in Austin and expect that a new Braunfels. Yes, sir. I've been here for about 10 years, so the voting this morning were opened 8 to 6. And suppose, I guess Hayes and Travis But to give you some perspective, the 2016 election early voting I had the weight maybe 10 minutes when Bolshevik Beto was running against Cruz That line was out of the building and through the parking lot. Today, the line was out of the building through the parking lot. Down the street around the block and around the corner man. That's amazing man. That's that's tremendous. That's ah, some incredible voter turnout and again, I wonder how much is this is due to the social distancing. I wonder. I wonder if we're going to see The process takes longer, not only because of the lines, but because of maybe any sanitation steps that they're having to take inside. As far as I'm sure they have to really stay on top of that. And I know they will be, But I wonder if that's going to slow the process down. Probably. We'll see. Yeah, Let's see. Let's squeeze in Robert. Checking in from like Way. Texas had been there I have Robert Good morning. Good morning crew. You guys do a great job. Ah, Long time listener, a frequent caller. I wonder now that Adler has made this the government's responsibility. I just foresee What level are they going to send in the state that and they know that you guys talked about here the last week or two. What levels unison in GPS or activate the the National Guard. Inspect these folks in Austin, where the governor is it's anything about National Guard, but he has talked about immediately. We got extra state trooper patrols around the West campus area. Because we've had a rise and aggravated assaults and robberies. But I think what you're talking about is this legislative effort led by former Travis County sheriff and former state lawmaker Terry Keel that wants to take the authority of away from the City Council and given under the happy to the Department of public safety, right DPS and that's going to know what level in a way next, because you know, in a month or two. We're going to be a 50% increase. When they're talking about cash, he said. There was only half of it. Police out there And that was five days later has a sector of Austin, and that's the whole city of off. Eventually, it could be the whole city. I mean, it's got to go through the legislative process does, which I would think would get us some incredible pushback it at the capital. I thought this was a brilliant idea. From the very, very beginning. I'm sure that they're you know some drawbacks that you know. Ah, law enforcement person would be able to see that I don't but but on the surface, I think it's a really good idea. Squeeze it, George Real quick, Georgia del Valle. Good morning. Morning there, gentlemen. How are you this morning? Outstanding. What's going on? I won't let you know here still value When I got here, the vote early voting was able to do the whole process in 25 minutes. There's no lines at all of this time Valley out there. Alright, his polling site. They're good. Glad to hear someone's getting through the county's. Ah, I just noticed the Williamson County and Travis came. They got a pretty neat feature. You could type in your name and your address. And it shows you what's precincts of the closest and also give you a time of how long the wait is. That's good. That's pretty good. Yeah, Yeah, real time. I looks like if I want to vote early today, I go to the home despot there on Brody. There is where I would go in my neck of the woods. So you've never been to that place before you check it out. It's of day laborers and also don show 9 12 here. A K LBJ my Friends at furniture market, doing some incredible things. Yeah, they're back to normal operating hours. And 15 Large trucks just showed up to both of their locations, pulling things from the warehouse and put him on the showroom floor. You're going to see some incredible deals..

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