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Expensive that we don't own. So please go for gopher what do you mean we actors? Film ready Christmas in recently. Well, recently. Recently came up in hostel the hostile to. Film film. We the new join English three. Yeah. Oh, my friend filled the sting of the cutting room scissors. I was meant to be in the will of first hostile Nick nine. We're in a in a scene in blitz. And we were we were we were playing journalists and neither visit any. So we have to point. And then ask this person something oh God. And they cut that scene entirely. So and now he's. He's he's going place bounce back. Needless to say. Nick, driving barefoot the Dundee. Raises believe he is around some point. Well, that's exciting news. Isn't it? Exciting now on this is this genuinely surprise me. So last week we talked about how Netflix canceled iron-fist there's going to be no invest season three and everyone kind of went. Yeah. All right because I don't think we'd watch the second season was better. But clearly not enough people want to see season two. What's the problem in this week is that Netflix Lynn also went onto council, Luke cage, and they said that the so it looked like a season three renewal order cage was formality. And then in something like a forty eight hour period discussions between marvel Netflix created differences that oh just went completely different directions. And so they decided that it was best just to pull the plug now. What do you think about that? And do you think we've seen the last of Luke cage one theory? And I think there may be something to this is that marvel and Disney are cleaning house and are going to bring these characters back. They're launching their streaming service next year Lorena narrowly, forty announced going to be some marvel content with low key and scarlet witch limited series as well. So it would make sense for them. Why would they want to see some of their characters on another network slash streaming giant? So they'd be bringing them back and maybe doing a here's Fajar type thing. Yeah. I mean, this is looking like the the golden age of being able to see most things with signing up for millions of different services is coming to..

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