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Is everything's tied contact. So when you go to a contact record yet context the history of interactions on Email calendar, social insights, who are aware of their bowed, and to nimble is a place that we could actually live without having to go to all these places, and it was no Rana for the first few years. Years until Lincoln pulled the API plug because they wanted me to come build sales navigator and inject nimble down or and basically the the amount of money. They offered me wasn't enough. And then Facebook shut down their API because they want you to go to Facebook to June the advertising and adad they might I'm shocked that you able to get it because I would need to go to Lincoln at all. If I if I had nimble once you have nimble there's everything from Lincoln already put into the nimble record. Right. I could chat with people. I could at the time chat with people on nimble instead of using their Lincoln male. Right. Yeah. Yeah. I could I could find out their backgrounds if it even see all their postings interact with their postings and interact with a response to your posted ends. And so. Now, they gave it to me. What did you do John? How did you? I feel like this is an the essence of your ability as networker as a relationship person to be able to get that. What did you say that got you all that access? I think when he working your way through the system. Yes, I think they saw the benefit to them. Right. So I took my mind and put it to social what I eventually did is I invented social serum in social selling before the either existed, and they needed my mind to apply to this problem to see what was billed which eventually they then build into sales navigate. They wanted to see it. You're saying you were their way of learning what they need. They knew they needed to build anyway, Al companies do this. So what happens is they'll give an entrepreneur leash and they'll go run. And and then there's two options they either by them or they replicate them and ended up buying reported. They bought reported, and they basically turned that into this partis- navigator. They bought reported in the other thing, I forget the name of it was like connected or something. How would we describe what sales navigator is I think of sales navigator as that thing and g mail that's on the margin. That gives me information about everyone that I'm g mailing with. But it doesn't really because what it does is. That's what report of used to be right right reported used to give you in g mail an avatar in I cons. But it doesn't give you the data behind it. So it doesn't say John far. Born in Los Angeles lives in Santa Monica. He went to Cousy Northridge. And he, you know, he also tell me a little bit about the stuff from Billington profile Facebook didn't know it gave you the icons. And so so basically, the Lincoln sales navigator gives you the icons, but it doesn't give you the data behind it. But that's really not what Lincoln sales navigator is that's reported running in g meal, which gives you that. But but really what sales navigator is is a tool that lousy to mine linked basically so late Dan is biz Dev heaven that allows you to look for people like me and reach out and build connections and the ideal way to build connections is in the Senate in mail. It's d-actually walking my footprint, add value to my conversation that when you do redoubt into one call call call do used to be able to do all this in Lincoln for free. They took a lot of that stuff and put it behind a paywall, and then added additional things. With like a medications on signals. You could follow people. You could do a number of different things. The Lincoln sales navigator cost one hundred thirty dollars a month, roughly, which is not that much frankly for the hand on depending on the budget, depending on the person, and you really can't use a social selling tool unless you understand what social selling is. And most business people don't really understand what social selling is per se. But ultimately I had to win these API's disappeared. I had to rethink what nimble was going to be..

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