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Jimbo our number and as we continue with with kelly carlin tonight up to this way george yes yes he could be raw but he never came on like well i'm not very talented but but but bleep at what more bleep bleep i mean there are some people you hear and you realize that's the act without profanity they got nothing carlin could have and in fact did especially in these early days be as as clean as as a sunday school yeah absolutely i mean it was always about the ideas and you know he used to say he would just sprinkle the language in for like a little a little spice you know it was like it was like a jazz musician you knew when to hit the right notes you know and so he would use it as a way to emphasize moments because comedy is like jazz it's a rhythm ultimately like jazz i'm curious as we go to the next call here for kelly carlin i'm curious a jazz musician of course we'll never play the same piece the same way twice we're his his concerts largely ad lib that is to say there are certain basic themes obviously but but how much would they vary from one show to the next almost zero he especially the last twenty five years of his career he was a writer i and a performer second and he would he would get those routines down and those shows down to the minute i mean like if he was shooting an hbo show he would tell them i have ninety nine minutes of material or something like that you know or sixty two or whatever it was and so it was it was an exact science it was like classical music more than more like jazz in that way earlier in his career he would go on stage and be a little more fluid but the hippy dippy weatherman and all those things those are written out and perfected routines fair enough which by the way we're gonna hear one of his classic old routines here in a moment but right now more calls for kelly carlin starting with don in albany oregon good evening john good evening good evening i was barbara you both doing great myself i was just wondering if there if her dad ever made any appearances on the sullivan show i'm pretty sure i'm trying to remember he certainly did i don't remember how many appearances he did he did not like doing the ed sullivan show because they would the day of taping they would start to take the number of minutes you were going to be on stage away and so for a comedian you would have to rework your routine at the last minute but one of his more famous appearances was in the early seventies and he did his mohammadali bit which i think is on i think it's on occupational fool and and i have a i used that tape in my solo show that i that i had used a tour with but yeah he did he did the sullivan show quite a few times he did a very funny routine by the way about the different schools of impersonating it sullivan yes yeah tottori oh this is how you impersonate ed sullivan tim in medford wisconsin welcome welcome kelly i have to say i admire your father's talent and abilities and the one thing i got hooked on his thanks to the youtube is an addendum eat the brain droppings where you talked about political correct how it was the way to falsely put shame on you and i'm just wondering before he passed on what he sounded like a real advocate not only for free speech but what's he worried in terms of how this was going to try to limit not maybe not necessarily humid others in the future in terms of what they could do to be funny to try to get us to laugh because everyone was so sensitive to being being offended yeah i didn't have any specific conversations with him about that but in general he yes he spoke out a lot and did a whole routine about political correctness and he was he was a free speech absolutist and felt very upset and you know angry you know at people who tried to soften speech or limited or control other people's speech i think this world today would drive him absolutely nuts and you would have a lot to say about it today stay with us got more to come with our guest kelly carlin again there is a george carlin.

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