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Plans for higher taxes, a bigger welfare state, more government de funding the police abandoning the right to life, canceling our most cherished liberties. I've had enough fence who was the governor of Indiana, At one point says Republicans had the winning agenda of national defense smarter spending in a secure border until Democrats and President Biden started to record gas prices have gone up gas. But he says the statewide average today is to 88 a gallon, which is up nine cents from where it was when the week began. The cheapest gas in the state is in Indianapolis, where it's 2 49 guilty. A man from Indianapolis who shot and killed another man just before his wedding. Shyla Kabbalah reports in 2019 Christopher Smith was shot and killed in Indianapolis Pub will celebrating his bachelor party. Derek Exley was behind the trigger. Think this case is kind of illustrates the difficulty with some people who maybe don't have the experience of the maturity level to handle firearms. They have access to those firearms and we end up in a situation where a completely innocent person lost their life. Marrying county Prosecutor Ryan Mirrors. Smith was trying to break up a fight between actually and another man when he was shot this Week actually was convicted of murder and criminal recklessness. Shyla Kabbalah 93. W I. B C Mobile news from a refugee camp in Guinea to the NFL. The Indianapolis Colts took defensive end quickly pain from Michigan with their first round pick Thursday nights. This kid is a You know, he's got a He's got some survival skills. And when it gets hard, and when it gets hardness league he's gonna be able to handle it holds. General manager Chris Ballard says he looked great on tape and he fits their scheme. Pains pays Mother Agnes fled Liberia because of a civil war and gave birth to pay and getting before coming to the U. S. He was a second team all Big 10 player this year. I'm Sean Herrick on the level on the going on W Y B C, calm. 705 with traffic on the fives. Paul bowed loss on the West Side Holt Road at Sam Jones Expressway have a report of a crash. The rest of the roadway so far are in decent shape. The support sponsored by Lifelock Identity Theft Protection 30% of I, D Theft Victim suffered multiple types of identity thought. Get Lifelock save up.

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