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The city of los angeles sinderen baiters smeared my good name i wish unemployable for quite a spell thank goodness for the quaker fell out in pasadena who hired me as a janitor or my family would have starved to death my whole life changed turned upside down it was the end of a dream young man it was the end of public housing in los angeles i went to jail for a year was chased by the fbi for thirty four year this document i'm holding here is my deaths warned an internal fbi memo confirming a plot to assassinate me sent to an initial by director j edgar hoover himself the detective in charge of intelligence for the la pd at that time was a young ambitious cobb named gerald gay my name is frank wilkinson i am ninety two years old funny thing fernando i outlived most of those dirty bastard no it's easy to romanticise the working class residents of john s ready but we should not many of us were immigrants firstgeneration sons and daughters of emigrants and what does the immigrant winds the immigrant doesn't want trouble he wants to making he wants this little piece of land my students often asked me professor maurice their way was the fight for chavez ravine so important look stand on bunker hill city hall is there the la times disney hall the federal court house there the new cathedral and none other than the department of water and power across the street how did we ever have the audacity to take on this civic civil it's true we lost but what's important fernanda we help create a culture of resistance that continues to this day the struggle for china's ravine prepared me for civil rights the farm workers union my labour work with burco donor and the tea ghana movement john as ravine was huge for me it made me that person i am today so do me a favor remember chavez ravine fernando let me tell you one more thing about chavez ravine there was always a lot of talk of a buried treasure some were appear ride i can hit a stolen gold in these like a myth right here under dodger stadium you mean bishop lawn my and my little better than i think there was a treasure but the.

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