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News update outgoing interior secretary. Ryan Zinke is lashing out at what he calls vicious attacks on him and his family in his resignation letter to President Trump. But was he pushed out CBS Errol Barnett? It's unclear if this resignation comes with President Trump's encouragement or not publicly President Trump had always said that Zinke had been doing a good job. And even in his departure tweet. President Trump noted that the interior secretary has accomplished much during his tenure almost two years political analyst Larry Sabato says departure could take the fangs out of any probes into the secretary's activities removing him from the scene in Washington does lower the temperature in any investigation that the house would would manage in. It just makes him less of a target that Democrats are quick to say they will still look into allegations of ethical violations by Zinke, despite his departure, CBS news update and Allison keys. From the studios of music mogul present. He goes, talk and breaking news. This is a AM seven sixty a transient will appear at the central courthouse next week. That's one of the stories we're following on AM seven sixty arraignment will be held for Gerry Cushenberry, who's accused of sexually assaulting a twenty six year old woman was walking to her car last month east village. Prosecutors say Cushenberry dragged the woman into the bushes and attacker the defendant is on felony probation for robbery and failing to appear in court. The downtown village post office in Carlsbad remains closed after part of its roof collapsed in a recent rainstorm and said he Ballet's production of the nutcracker will be performed this weekend.

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