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To dedicate to this so I set up a studio in a room in my house. It must be done full room for for once and I would just Mike Hours and hours of I I just I like using sense organs fucking anything you know I was. It was kind of you know that kind of typical moment for a solo modest way where they make their you know their self-indulgence. Oprah's it really was that looking like the Thomas and seemed like the first two albums. The arrangements seemed more complicated. Yeah that's probably true because in the third one I was kind of like influenced by Lada. Aren Bay an electric music so I was kind of embracing the way that music was made more like finding a loop and kind of almost making making a bait like a you know in in like the hip hop sense like instead of just having like a full loop and just sort of making the structure out of that rather than going like okay. We're going to be going this bit for awhile ago. Jam when these codes and then like two a huge drum fill and going to these codes and then let this thing for five and a half house. Do you remember what the music that inspired that? Switch like what would have been the things. You're listening to that. Maybe WanNa make more program based music. I mean like it was always that I was into but just music that I kind of shied away from making because I figured like my world was we'd expansive sock and like if I tried to do. More kaleen focused pop kind of stuff. I assumed it wouldn't work was the where I'd kind of like just went fuck. I'm GONNA try traumatic kind of like disc- O. R. and B. Kind of like really the Bait Select Stupa strong heavy. Would you consider the I two as air in the last Air Nah? I've never thought of it that way. Maybe some people would I guess the third one third one is the one where I was kind of like a new that they would be fans of the first two. That turned the nose up like I was ready for that. Do you know what I mean I was kind of like I decided kind of definitively that that That I wanted to change my sound and I knew that some people wouldn't like it. You know what I mean that was in my career where I kind of like sucked it up. You know. It's a great thing to do early on. If you made four albums that sounded in the same vein and then the fifth one was different. It would have probably alienated more people early enough in the trajectory where you let the audience know that. Hey we're GONNA go on different rides. I want you to come with me. Bob People more forgiving of the style changes if you prepare them for it. Yeah Yeah if if if change is one of the constance yeah it's like if it's the ramones was a program dance record. Anybody would have been excited about right and also something I realized was that I mean. What's funny is that the first album and the second one I like as well time impala was always kind of perceived as a band and I was Kinda cool with that because I like because it it sounded like Banville will allow you know. It's a it sounds like a bunch of guys jamming. I love this. I love the I love these guys. You know I love the way out but I kind of like it. Kind of it was eating away that it wasn't like the truth And also because also like a wanted I wanted people to know that it was kind of more of a solo recording project because I realized that Solo Artists get away with completely changing their sound a lot more than bands. Do you know like someone like Like back back can just take a complete left. Turn with one album. You know. Let's that's Beck and that's what he does but like with the band kind of like I feel like a few things to happen like everyone in the band. O everyone in the group rather has to decide on together which is more difficult. You know they'll have to be sort of moving in the same direction whereas people you know people especially as time goes by people like drift apart when you decided to give birth to project a name originally as opposed to your name was it. The was it the opposite of what you just said was. The original impression was freaked to seem like a band. Yes absolutely in fact the record label when they signed us even we were didn't it didn't know it was made it was playing drums and guitars. And Bison Mall checking like they we. I outlawed to them. When we met up the contract that we saw was for three of us. I think Yeah because I just I I I do want to say it was just made for a number of reasons like one. I was kind of shy. I just you know it's really weird because looking back it's kind of like why the fuck unused owner but also like the kind of music thing. I was in was very communal sane unite like we lived to jam and live to like play. Gigs SAR like for the thing. That finally came out of that same to bay. Just one like a solo project thing token wrong like it'd be. It would be like saying that we had going past was kind of like a bunch of us but they weren't that many people but what we made tons of bands out of it you know so like ten people and they'd be like six bands with like different combinations of those people. Just just because you know. I like a lot of fun when we come back. We'll have more with Kevin Parker whether you're working from home or working out you want what you're listening to to be. What your listening to not where your children are partner listened to and the best solve is having your own. Great pair of wireless ear buds. But before you go dropping. Hundreds of dollars on a pair. Need to check out the wireless ear buds from Ray. You already know Ray. Khania bud started about half the price of any other premium. Wireless ear buds on the mark. They sound just as amazing as other top audio brands. 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Geico as redefining play with hands on projects that build confidence creativity critical thinking something for every kid get it hard. Kiko get your first month free on select crates at Kiwi Co dot com slash broken wreck. That's K- I W Y. Co Dot com slash broken record? We're back with Rick and Kevin Parker feels like it was like four or five years between the third album and the new During that for years you didn't you didn't write songs or make any music I did. I absolutely did but I just didn't see it as time impala and it kind of seemed more like a drag to think of a song as time impala because it like every time. I thought of a song if I imagine time empower came loaded like the idea was loaded with all these kind of things that come with it like it just seemed so much more magical and wonders to think of it. As a song I could collaborate with a different like making time. Impala music now and always. It's like it's a deep doc hall that I have to go into and you know like come out like it drains. It drains every bit of me realize that the end of the third album. You know I I always dreamt of making your time. Apollo album or I didn't feel completely spent at the end of it completely. Drinan completely like depressed him and I kind of realized after a while that was inevitable and that was the only way it could be in the course of those for years before he started working on a new album. Did it reveal itself state? It was time or was the decision you made or did one particular track come out with like. Oh this could be the beginning of something. It was a combination of the first to you know what it was. It was more like it was the process of a because I'm falling in love so much with this idea of music being a collaborative thing you know like the energy in a room when your uh working people like you know started working with Dr Scott. Someone that like. The energy in the room is just so electric you know and I was like Hey I can. I can that energy on my own too. I just have to just have to embrace it you know and so then. I started so like the way I started working on..

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