Accountant, PAT, Internet Advertising discussed on Techdirt - Is It Bad If Facebook Copies Everything Snapchat Does?


Like really interesting content in snapchat stories as well and you can follow those the brand snapchat accountant and see their story which i thought was both those there's been some issues with pat over time like some brands have been potentially moving away there are really yeah i mean this this may be going far off off topic but like originally like there was a big focus with a lot of brands would have jumped on on snapchat story isen and put they've sort of pulled back a lot of them have pulled back now obviously not all but a lot of them pull back and just found that they weren't ready weren't performing or they are the emmett gate i mean they want snapchat i thought you know snapshots position was was really interesting may have really sure to target because if you look at the the sort of a breakdown of advertising dollars yum internet advertising is still relatively small there's there's still you know it's been growing obviously rut tv advertising is still the monster right i mean there's so much money because in tv advertising and snapchat i think very wisely thought like if we could attack tv advertising head on the tv money to come here then that's a real opportunity and so you know they saw snapchat as a way to to do and so they were should have i was i thought it was doing pretty well yeah originally the reports were that it was doing really well and i thought so too but more recently the reports are less and less enthusiastic ran a number of advertisers promptly have sort of moved away or backed off of will the only slept i really see abandon seagrams and snapchat is really just the metrics i'm there's like there's a few people that i follow who are constantly commenting on instagram versus snapchat user aides.

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