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Alexander alter joins us now with an update for the literary world highly santer hide him ah what's new so short stories are very hot that know if you've heard their old ones short stories is certainly very hot yes so there is a really exciting publishing deal this week that everyone was waiting for i'm sure you're a member of a few weeks ago a short story went viral and the new yorker it attracted i think something like two million page views and it's it was called cat person by christon repent in this is a out of the blue greater that no one had ever heard of before she it's just finished her mfa and i think the story because it deals with sort of awkward semi consensual sex and online dating and texting and this sort of fuzzy hazy new world there were en will you read the story what did you what did you think of it you know what struck me most is first of all there was a lot of humor in at that i appreciated but i do think that it got at that awkward way in which people get to know each other in a you know in a sort of virtual end a real world kind of hybrid yet way thought of that you know the these two people who meet when she is working in a movie theater and he's a customer who asks for in know red vine suciu remarks on and they start at this kind of flirtation that quickly exits the real world and goes onto their cell phones and their texting so there's this intimacy in that your your sort of in the person's face at any time and yet they don't really know each other at all and it isn't until quite late in the story i mean i think perhaps after they've slept together possibly the chief advisor how old he is ishida that are really older than her so i just think that it captured this really odd moment that were in in terms of how people commune.

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