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So coming up, we're going to talk to sports agent attorney, Jeff Shoko buddy of mine, and we're gonna talk Dwayne Haskins in should he stay or should he go? I mean, I think it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that Dwayne Haskins is going to the NFL. However, he has not announced that he is going as of yet remember that tweet from a couple of weeks ago. And I believe it was to to Weber to Mike Weber something about staying. I don't remember the exact tweet. But remember that? So I I don't know how surprised people would be I would be really shot if he doesn't go. But right now, they're predicting what first round, of course in sixth or seventh overall. Maybe I don't know some of these some of these projections have him at. Yes, sixth right now is the one that seems to be the the the main part of this run around six now if he stays if we we'll talk to Jeff by the way, the my sports agent. Attorney buddy. If he stays what kind of money could he pick up if let's say the buckeyes do really well last year, and he ends up moving up in the not the draft or. Yeah. Yeah. In the draft if he ends up moving up what kind of money could he actually pick up? I guess is the big question there or could it obviously, go the other way? And then he ends up giving up a bunch of money. And those figures are something that Jeff is obviously going to know about. So this is also another phenomenon that's going on. Yeah. And I've been off obviously for over a week, but bird box is really taken off it Sandra Bullock's flick on net flicks. And one I thought was interesting about this. They're saying about forty five million people have watched this at this point now in order to qualify as watched it has to be over seventy percent of the actual movie has to play continuously. So not that that's. You know, I don't know that that's cheating. But and I don't know you go to the theater and you pay for a ticket. If you stay one minute. If you stay thirty seconds health. You don't even go into veteran. You bought a ticket? That counts as somebody who saw it that's going to count for the money, but people are streaming bird box. And they're watching it. And you know, if you watch seventy percent of it, it counts as they streamed it, so that's part of that figure. The forty five million people who've watched this they didn't do any run up for this. They didn't do any advertising. They didn't do anything in. It's kind of odd for me. Is this a direction movies are going? 'cause I this is I haven't seen it. And obviously, there are forty five million people or so that have Josh is another one who you've actually not seen it. And you said, you don't even know the premise of the movie is you you're wearing a blindfold. And if you see if you this the mysterious whatever it is the the. I don't know if it's a creature a whatever it is. You're not supposed to look at something. Because if you see it, then apparently you die. Now, whether you die by the hands of the critter or the force overwhelmed. I don't understand. I just know. It sounds much like a movie called a quiet place which was directed. And stars. John Kaczynski would play Jim Halpern from the office. Right. That was a fantastic flick. I did not see that. But I want to see a need to see that movie. He's beginning work on a second one. Now, I read as well, did you know that a sequel to a quiet place part two or on perfect? Does that movie is? I mean, do that movie gives me chills. I guess, and it's also maybe the maybe the most heart wrenching opening sequence. I've seen in a movie in a long long time like this. Oh, how did we come back from that? Who is that? Oh, that's quiet, quiet place. So you need so you're you don't wanna see bird box. Then or you know, I do want to. Gotta watch. It matter of fact, I'm gonna watch it tonight. I'm gonna make it a point to watch it tonight. Okay. You should try to watch it. We should be able to. I want to be able to talk about it with you. Obviously, we're not talking about on the air because we don't want to do spoilers for anybody who's going to war with you. We're going to be those guys. I don't care about the listener. Now, I'm just kidding. No, absolutely. I want to see that. But it sounds kinda somewhat similar except instead of you can't make a noise apparently. Now, you just can't look I I don't know. I'm I'm fascinated to watch this because people are it's all it is it's going Twitter. Everything's hash box box hashtag and they're doing the bird box challenge. Now, where people are blindfolding themselves and doing all these crazy things, and they're begging please don't one guy has video. I didn't watch the video because we are coming on the air one guy. It look behind the wheel, and he actually has video of it. So I I don't know, man. It's.

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