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Yeah, so in in the episode at the end of the episode the people that Spike were chasing are some of and and supposed girlfriend they ended up bed. Oh actually, let me rewind it. She kills him. Yeah, and then she gets killed by the police. Yep. Yes, and it's a hard cut right after so like spike. Is there chasing it down basically the space equivalent of a Mustang and yes and he's chasing it down. He sees like a blood splatter on the windshield and then goes up to see the month. I forget the name of the of the female that like the yeah, you know the female interest of asthma but she Whispers something like audio Space Cowboy. That's what she's Whispering adios Cowboy. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, and then she gets shot she's dead and then too hard cut to Jet cooking up some peppers like hard to cut right back to the beginning of the episode like nothing changed. Yep. Nothing that happened. I know that they parted I I I that I remember the very first time that I watched that first episode when she looks at Spike and say those words I got goosebumps on my arms. Yep. It's just yeah. Well cuz if any other show had said that it'd be so cheesy. Yes, like some of the dialogue you feel like yeah, that's not very unique if there's no way that that dialogue is great. But it's wonderful. I think the name of the of the female was Katrina. Okay, I think so. I think that's now now here's the thing. Here's my opinion of our copy Bob as an anime as a serious. I think that cowboy Bob kind of became like a mark Point like a landmark on what animate is it actually changing? The the anime scene forever. Yeah, because prior to that, you know, like I said before I just I would watch Japanese. It's just because I didn't feel anything when I was watching it in the English translation and it would be they would it was just so bad. I looked up who the factor was respite. It's Steve bunk, right? Oh, yeah. He was also the one he also the voice actor for Mugen for Samurai Samurai Champloo. Yes, another sneezing one. I did watch that one. Now. Now I know that that the voice were familiar. I know now why yeah, cuz of the same character you really are the same. I need to be watch both of these shows now God, you know the next ten hours. So, you know now we know the back story of Spike, you know, his you know, it was in rural, Georgia. And that's right. Yeah. Yeah, and and I'll give you a funny fact both Adam Azar 27.

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