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And, European allies are. Going to work closely to resolve the trade dispute speaking at the White House. Yesterday the president said the, two, sides want to drop all Tara. We, agreed. Today first of all to work together? Towards. Zero tariffs zero non-tariff barriers and zero subsidies On non auto industrial goods thank you also predicted trae between the US and. Europe will be more fair moving forward the president. Recently imposed tariffs on some foreign products leading to a retaliatory action by some other countries there's been. An explosion outside, the, US, embassy in Beijing China, and, embassy, spokesman, says a bomb was detonated. By an as yet unidentified individual that person was injured but there are no reports of other casualties images. Posted online show smoke billowing from the area which, has now been cordoned off by authorities confirmation. Of the blast. Follows earlier reports of a woman outside the embassy, attempting to light herself on fire Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Says President Trump briefed him about what was. Said in that, private to, our meeting between the president and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki during a Senate. Hearing yesterday Pompeo did not reveal what was discussed. Though and then there was a testy exchange with New Jersey democratic Senator Robert Menendez Pompeo. Defending the president's right to hold private meetings I saw the glee on your side walking away trying. To make a political point well Menendez shot back right. Away I'll talk about politics if President Obama did what President Trump did in Helsinki I'd be peeling you, off the capital ceiling please second summit between the president and Putin not going to happen until early next year national security adviser John Bolton put out a statement saying the second summit should not take place until the Russia witch hunt is over New York City speed cameras have been turned off the legislature has failed to act on, legislation to. Extend the program legislation expired yesterday resulting in the one hundred twenty six speed. Camps being shut. Off Republican Senator, Martin golden Brooklyn wants governor Cuomo call lawmakers back into session time for finger pointing is over now is the. Time for action Amy Cohen wants the speed cameras. Program renewed her daughter was struck.

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